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PCA 2014 Poker Event - 0k Super High Roller, Episode 3 | We’re down to 15 in the PCA 2014 Super High Roller, and with .6m, the race for the final table is hotting up… Wenn Du aus Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz…

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  • Zhen Wang 4 years ago

    fucking donkey shak

  • Stamps600 4 years ago

    Vanessa Selbst has to call unless she thinks her opponent has a pocket pair
    of 9 or higher. She is basically getting equity with chips 150k in chips
    for at least a 30% chance to win while only having to call with 350k in
    chips. Also that was the correct fold with ace 9. If chip leader you don’t
    want to call a lot of all ins with no chips in the pot.

  • twink3h 4 years ago

    where is episode 4? been waiting for so long

  • fukieyou123 4 years ago

    when was this event took place? is this a repost?

  • sappo14 4 years ago

    that guy’s little corn ball jokes are fucking annoying, i wish he would
    shut his fucking trap

  • JamesBu11 4 years ago

    I don’t know who is responsible for releasing these videos, but to show
    them one at a time with a week gap between each one is absurd! This aint

  • Iy0ndK 4 years ago

    at 47:20 Paul Newey has pair 6 but why is he busted at number 9th? He won
    the side bet all in (against the other guy who had 50k left) so shouldn’t
    he be at 8th?

  • leosq25 4 years ago

    Shak is the better player, reads fantastic.

    JJ vs TQ better hand.

  • oCaRRiEDx 4 years ago

    What is the deal with one of the announcers always trying to be funny they
    are terrible at it. The dude on WPT is almost enough to stop watching it
    almost and this dude isnt much better.

  • Kevin Theriault 4 years ago

    “check out that neck pulse” hahahaha idk why I lol’d so hard at that.

  • Selbst is the luckest poker player Ive ever seen in my life, notice I said
    “player” which means in both genders males and females. And whats annoying
    is that during her interviews she make you think that its a skill, It’s
    not! It’s LUCK.

  • dinnoowl 4 years ago

    dan shak is such a fucking donk

  • getoffmypage 4 years ago

    Phil Gruissem has to be top 3 in the world for MTTs, skillwise

  • Katie Newmeyer 4 years ago

    Shaks neck pulse. yea.

  • Lori Ann Silvestri 4 years ago

    Shak Vs Selbst-Hartigan: “How does Vanessa always find herself in these
    You wanna know how James? Karma! She’s NOT the nicest Poker Player on the
    tour. The Luckiest, Yes.. NOT the Nicest!

  • thesacrific3 4 years ago

    13:04 this board is dryer than a nun’s… liquor cabinet xD

  • Yuri Pavuls 4 years ago

    17:42 why are they showing some random dude with a fat chick ?

  • TheCycloneRanger 4 years ago

    Keeps getting rekt on the river LOL ggwp Selbst.

  • Roy Vedas 4 years ago

    they’re trying to pass off lesbians as normal

  • Bob Roberts 4 years ago

    Are they both the wife or is Vanessa the husband?

  • John Carney 4 years ago

    I hate Dan Shak and how he sucked out with his horrible play. Allin every
    time and he is just ridiculous.

  • John Griller 4 years ago

    Vanessa Selbst makes plenty of bad decisions yet still wins a lot of pots
    due to suck outs.

  • Going South Videos 4 years ago

    22:50 i was about to post “slowroll….” then wtf? I mean, Vanessa, a lag,
    vs another lag, blind vs blind, Vanessa the chip leader, whats his opening
    range? like 99%? Ole knows this and shoves 20bbs with a king wich is fine,
    but folding A9 there was terrible. Maybe she was ashamed of previous A9
    call? i dont get it :/

  • Stuart Scott 4 years ago

    Dan Shak smiles like a child molester

  • ChuBatJade 4 years ago

    Vanessa is hated by lots of people, i was one of them because of her
    rudeness while on the table.. but she’s a very very good player, i wish i
    could play like her… dude is so smart