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It’s all smiles at the PCA because everyone left is in the money. Online qualifier Tom Hall looks to take down his first title against a bevy of former champ…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • clayvision 4 years ago

    23:35 HOW DO YOU FOLD KK there??? 

  • NFLed 4 years ago

    Joe was at the top of his form in this one, a lot of funny comments as well
    as very insightful ones (such as his comment about how the hand could have
    been played to range merge).

  • sküll düggery 4 years ago

    on that last hand, why didn’t drunk guy value bet the nuts on the riva? he
    knows that hat cat knows he’s drunk because drunk guy gave a drunken ” i
    hate that ace on the turn” look only a drunk guy would make. and drunk guy
    knows that a bet on the riva looks like he’s turning his hand into a
    frustrated drunken bluff bet given the above interfermation about said turn
    play. i’m sure hat cat wooda made the call…(like how i spelled
    “information”? like how the trailer park lady in ‘no county for old men’
    pronounces it).

  • Howard Stern 4 years ago

    what’s the point in showing the hands where we can’t see the whole cards?
    The whole point in poker on TV is to see the whole cards, isn’t it?

  • glenn brouwer 4 years ago

    when comes episode 5

  • The Survivor 4 years ago

    lol at the drunk guy

  • lil mikeboi 4 years ago

    Teska Drunk Tactic worked perfectly hahaha. 

  • hippibashr 4 years ago

    Can anyone else not stand Vanessa Selbst? She’s like a less entertaining
    version of Phill Hellmuth.

  • ouThhiTus 4 years ago

    of course that jerk is an american whore. 

  • Diego Lafuente 4 years ago

    10 10 10 < A A

  • kaaaashock 4 years ago

    Teska checking the river with a full house? What?

  • stok3d99 4 years ago

    Who’s the idiot commentator that made the ‘Alive’ joke around 4:02?
    Terribly unfunny (ALL of his lame jokes).

  • AaroInTheKnee 4 years ago

    Greatest thing i’ve seen in a long time in televised poker. from 45:10 the
    glazed over eyes and the “help me” made me laugh so hard. guy is smashed.

  • jurtrypik 4 years ago

    that teska guy, the biggest fucktard i have ever seen

  • RAY Butke 4 years ago

    19:15 you shit player 

  • SwHealy123 4 years ago

    Teska is a funny guy.
    Really funny.

  • Calum Goodwin 4 years ago

    I think they should scrap the Shark cage and replace it was the flowing
    alcohol table

  • velipulla 4 years ago

    Teska is an asshole

  • blackwiza24 4 years ago

    I felt like he was going to get that ten.

  • jimbo99ful 4 years ago

    The arsehole commentator overshadows anything the drunk Teska does. His
    pathetic comments are unbearable.

  • Paweldinhio 4 years ago

    what is the name off the song in the beginning off the episode??

  • Rob Edelman 4 years ago

    love to see the poker, but where are my WSOP commentators. This is really
    bad stuff :(

  • Bruno Teles 4 years ago

    Whats the music name at the begining? O.O 

  • Enrique Alt 4 years ago

    what a douche teska

  • quinlansee1 4 years ago

    18:19 hahahah the bad guy in a college movie… Classic