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  • John Smith 4 years ago

    lol, if there were four nines on the board u would have written “Phil
    Galfond FOLDS QUADS!”. Don’t be silly, this is not a huge laydown. I know
    coz even I could get away from this hand and I ain’t a good player.

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    These hands are staged for TV

  • Carol Cameron 4 years ago

    Too big a bet especially when uve checked the turn bad play !!! 

  • Danny Jones 4 years ago

    Brunson would of had quads :/

  • Filipe Parede 4 years ago

    he press went to bet a lot of money in the table, this is wrong! He needs
    only pay a slow bet, for the Galford pay him! my decision? go home, you’re
    drunk! kkkkkkkkkkk!

  • Fabio Gaucho 4 years ago

    The big raise before the flop makes this call almost impossible. All the
    hands that would have raised like that are the ones that beat Phil or chop.
    And if Eli was bluffing pre-flop, who’s to say he does not have a K or even
    a 9? I’m not saying it is an “easy” fold, just that when you really really
    look at it, it is the only thing that makes sense.

  • Thomas Flynn 4 years ago

    “I don’t believe that” – Ellie Elezra

  • swamigal 4 years ago

    not true

  • max tan 4 years ago

    i just realise i like doyle.

  • starvinmarvin44 4 years ago

    @mindzeye123123 Eli is one of my favorite players to watch for that reason
    but he just wouldnt be bluffing here.. I know he can but if you watch it
    again it wouldnt make any sense here, other spots yea for sure.. and phil
    would be lucky just to call and chop and i think that is more likely then
    to see a bluff and obv the better hand will show up like it did. If i was
    in that spot i probably would of called because why would i get myself that
    deep in shit just to fold a full boat to eli

  • izaak mccullough 4 years ago

    Easy fold, I’m not joking it actually easy a very easy fold. The only hand
    phil can beat( chop) is ak

  • frazzledazzle89 4 years ago

    thats better than romanellos fold. you can understand why though. galfond
    is only beating jacks and everything beneath. but still wow. eli “i dont
    believe you folded a king”

  • Araknophobik 4 years ago

    phil galfond top 5 in my book one of the greatest poker player out there

  • starvinmarvin44 4 years ago

    @ModeLTU well its eli and he was in the sb and made a 4bet.. soo hes gonna
    be opp against fucking phil galfond so the hand range is jj-aa, ak, aq
    maybe but he prolly just flats the 3 bet with aq same with all other pps.
    33k flop bet is sketchy same with check check on that turn it changes
    nothing and way to big of a bet on the river i would of folded preflop
    obviously what a fishy call by phil this is fucking 9 handed jokers phil
    remember that.

  • syed dawdye 4 years ago

    “I have a full house” lmao, like the other guy doesn’t have one too.

  • Modestas Malakauskas 4 years ago

    @starvinmarvin44 I was just kidding

  • Malcom Kent 4 years ago

    yet he calls a raise with K5 lol

  • Sayduhzuoh 4 years ago

    stupid call preflop

  • frazzledazzle89 4 years ago

    string bet

  • starvinmarvin44 4 years ago

    @ModeLTU o lol

  • zafeiris ksilinikolenarios 4 years ago

    you are drunk, go home.

  • Modestas Malakauskas 4 years ago

    How can you fold a full house.So sick

  • frazzledazzle89 4 years ago

    @Izaak247 its not an easy fold considerring the money at stake, the
    pressure becuase the old “i could look like an idiot or a hero scenario”
    especailly on TV. the boy is world class,simple. to be a pro at this game
    you need to do tht consistantly. emphasis on consistant! the only thing he
    can beat is a bluff, a chop for AK. obviously put eli on QQ+. Its the 6th
    sense poker instinct tht you have to go with, its too easy to sit and
    spectate and say easy fold.

  • MrCrunchy29 4 years ago

    It really is not, considering how much he already had invested.

  • Fabio Gaucho 4 years ago

    Eli said he didn’t believe Phil had a King, but notice that Doyle and
    Benyamine think it is the most normal normal thing in the world. David
    spoke like he was sure that was the case.