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  • Generic Internetter 4 years ago

    speaks…. like… a… psycho.
    composed and neutral, no emotion.

    heh… probably partly the reason for his success (?)

  • Joey Gonza 4 years ago

    He is playing poker interview.

  • Corey Smith 4 years ago

    he didn’t reveal shiiit in this

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    Every time I’ve played Ivey at heads-up I’ve handed him his ass.

  • Eric Young 4 years ago

    On second thought I think he sort of revealed that looks for personality
    weaknesses. He sounds like he uses people’s biases against them. 

  • Keefe Lau 4 years ago

    His eyes are weird because he never blinks

  • GuitarAddison 4 years ago

    red chips in the middle of green…

  • dcv525 4 years ago

    He looks coked out

  • Oleg Gaimanov 4 years ago

    Ivey never blinks

  • Viktor Vaughn 4 years ago

    2:00 ghetto logic

  • Malcolm Washer 4 years ago

    phil is a poker god 

  • Scott Marshall 4 years ago

    He’s quality at what he does don’t get me wrong .. but judging by his eyes
    he’s spent some of his millions stocking himself up on the finest cocaine
    known to man LOL!!

  • BlouseCollar Upturned 4 years ago

    Ivey or Durr. Who’s the best?

  • John Doe 4 years ago

    phil ivey the thug

  • evofd 4 years ago

    Doesn’t he get caught cheating every now and then?

  • Todd Romazko 4 years ago

    Your a drunk

  • Fred Smerlas 4 years ago

    His best asset is he changes up his style before anyone realized he’s
    changed. He languished in low limit poker for years before he broke
    through….I advise playing 1-2 NL 300max for practice. Have a roll of 2k
    and dont bat an eyelash if you lose it.

  • Chad Allon 4 years ago

    He seems angry with life , or hates interviews . Wtf Phil

  • KillaNowski 4 years ago


  • Brian Hickman 4 years ago

    Ivey’s point is well made. If it’s your intention to learn and get better
    at poker your wasting your time grinding the micro’s. The micro’s only
    serve to learn the basics, play micro poker for 6 months or a year, get
    comfortable, then inject some real money and play $50-$200 buy-in cash
    games. then you’ll really start to ‘learn’ the game!

  • 3FatesLive 4 years ago

    he is one of the best but he looks like a serial killer with them eyes

  • Chris Adams 4 years ago

    Phill ivey is the greatest poker player

    But man hes fucking stupid !!!

  • ConManOfficial 4 years ago

    legend tho

  • ConManOfficial 4 years ago

    hard to watch this video cos he looks mad creepy looool

  • Dan Baldock 4 years ago

    his eyes are weird