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2nd installment in the FLHE intro series. Today we talk about some important considerations on how to play the flop.
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  • Bishop Poker 4 years ago

    I assume you mean live games 4/8? Games this loose do not really exist
    anymore online, but I will see if I can find similar types of tables to
    record me playing. Position is always very important! As I mention in this
    video when a pot is multiway we should only be continuing when we can make
    the best hand, and have proper pot odds. When last to act, you will know
    exactly what size the pot is going to be for that round and can act

  • EricSmyth14 4 years ago

    I enjoyed this man. keep it up, even if I am the only one watching. Can you
    make a video about my particular game? 4/8 FLHE, with about 6 players to
    every flop. Plenty of raises and re raises, and big big pots every time.
    Not a game with real poker players, but real gamblers. I am down $90 after
    one session after being card dead. Should I play tight to beat this game?
    Or looser than I normally am? Is position still important when opponent
    folding is not an option? Thanks. -Eric

  • jbruels 4 years ago

    Hey there. I like it! Only thing is being wary of taking the lead in
    multiway action. A lot depends on board texture. Example would be spiking
    top pair no kicker out of the blinds with a very “drawy” board. If turn and
    river are bricks I’m betting out into four or five players almost every
    time because they will pay off. Even middle position when I miss I’m still
    betting rag flops, especially if big cards come on turn and/or river.
    Honestly, who has a big hand with a 2-3-7 flop?

  • EricSmyth14 4 years ago

    Thanks man!! I love to watch the recording! Probably 1c / 2c is the closest
    comparison. And Yeah, I play 4/8 live. I’m 21, and everyone there is like

  • Bishop Poker 4 years ago

    As I mention in the preflop theory video, you can make a profit by playing
    tighter than your opponents. If you can play well postflop go ahead and
    play more hands preflop (in position). If you are unsure of your play later
    in the hand there is nothing wrong with giving up these marginal hands and
    sticking to your solid tight opening standards.