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(Work in Progress-Test) This is a professional made series on poker. “Poker 101” teaches the basic of how to play poker (mostly Texas Hold ‘Em). It goes over…


Poker Basics


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  • Fizbin32111 5 years ago

    At 7:56 why did the last player get a new card from the dealer?

  • Krzysztof Palka 5 years ago

    it was just for example

  • oPryzeLP 5 years ago

    0:30 u suck

  • robertquentincobb 5 years ago

    Really Good Example. thanks!!!

  • WhiteFalcon323 5 years ago

    Ha he dropped the dealer button

  • xDrowning Yata 5 years ago

    this is different from what we used to play in high school. i think ours
    was a dummed-down version of “texas hold ’em”. in ours each person gets 3
    or 4 cards i cant remember its been a while, and 5 cards are placed face up
    on the table and you have to match your cards to the ones on the table and
    get like a flush or whatever.

  • skrapyloko1 5 years ago

    Weird & creepy dude!

  • P90Xfitt4life 5 years ago

    Thanks! Helped alot!

  • Waid Johnson 5 years ago

    been playing free poker online for a little bit to practice for when i
    decide to try at the casino and i was a bit nervous on when to touch the
    cards when to place chips etc… until i watched your video. much thanks!

  • kiplingard5 5 years ago

    Very helpful. Thanks mate

  • ryan bochard 5 years ago

    That’s im tryn out for my casino

  • TheDimebagg 5 years ago

    very nice the best explanattion ive seen, thanx dude

  • Chris Hudson 5 years ago

    Nice video, very clear explanation. Well done.

  • MaverickMeyer 5 years ago

    thanks for this!

  • BiffsGamingVideos 5 years ago

    @acidsyringe69 If the gameplay is the same then: If you get 3 cards
    (pineapple throw 1 away before flop) (Crazy pineapple throw 1 away after
    flop) If you get 4 cards it’s called Omaha. there are many variations. i
    could tell you exact name if you told me the rules

  • mslady3300 5 years ago

    very good explaination man.very good.i know the game and i deal at a
    casino.i do all games but poker but i know it.nice job brother

  • BiffsGamingVideos 5 years ago

    @mslady3300 I’m leaving for vegas on wed to deal the WSOP in Las Vegas for
    2 months. When i get back, i plan on doing a lot of gambling videos (poker,
    roulette and 21). These will be DVDs that people can buy on my website

  • pimpalafagest 5 years ago

    Thanks! I needed that help to get clear :)