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Poker 101, Best Poker Tips and Secrets to winning in Vegas, inside look. Poker pros reveal invaluable, strategic tips for playing winning poker during the Wo…

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  • AH17293 5 years ago

    3.20 2000 in a 75 pot:L awwwww dearrrrr

  • coolblkid2k 5 years ago

    wow…this video is just plain awful.
    His going on and on about pocket queens and not making money by stealing
    blinds. And his anti-shove policy, i couldnt get past 4 mins of this
    without changing the channel.

  • Sterling Archer 5 years ago

    You mean blondie and Shannon Sharpe? He won 3 superbowls? 2 with denver 1
    with baltimore….

  • 0Azizi0 5 years ago

    Not sure if I should play poker or play with my dick with this sexy ass

  • Corey Green 5 years ago

    Blonde is hoooottttttttttttttt

  • dnapowersports 5 years ago

    ANd she says raise instead of bet -For an instructional video shouldnt they
    bring in people who have played before EVER? Its obvious she doesnt even
    know what a straight is

  • AlexBkatzmann 5 years ago

    awful waste of my time

  • kluxxxarn 5 years ago

    I take my AA vs your AKs and we can run it as many times as you want :)

  • ghs224 5 years ago

    What a bunch of fuking clowns along with the dumb jackass that pulled them
    out of the garbage can to do this bullshit upload.

  • G Allen 5 years ago

    Fuck you nazi fag

  • mprinosil 5 years ago

    you wanna play poker please dont watch this 😀 its like studying steam
    engine cause you wana be rocket scientist

  • WhatIsItThatYouNeed 5 years ago


  • xxFeedYerHeadxx 5 years ago

    hes acting like the guys on his right never played poker ha

  • Ryan Bonner 5 years ago

    Presume the blondie and the athletic black man hooked up after this.

  • caposton 5 years ago

    Tight-Aggressive poker is winning poker. Texas holdem is a game of ranges –
    i.e. how your starting hands compares to your opponents given a number of
    factors (most importantly position). If you consistently have strong hands
    to start with and your opponents don’t… then they are making a mistake
    calling your bet. Which ultimately is the secret of the game – make your
    opponents have hard decisions, and thus, make mistakes. Your overall profit
    comes by the number and magnitude of mistakes made.

  • Joakim Eskola 5 years ago


  • RSdurrr 5 years ago

    this is so bad its funny everything this dude says is so wrong

  • Gutgulper 5 years ago


  • dnapowersports 5 years ago

    Blonda says bring in for 1000 with 50 blinds – lol. Whered they get her
    from? Can she spell poker?

  • jay norman 5 years ago


  • Sam Jones 5 years ago


  • TheRealCritique 5 years ago

    Having played a couple of the poker games, I’ve decided Texas Hold’em is
    the LEAST predictable of all of them. Other games are much more prone to
    control than that one. A dumbshit can beat you in Texas hold em with
    nothing but dumb luck.

  • marcellothefellow 5 years ago

    Did he really say fold KK in that situation? People thirst raise all the
    time, doesn’t mean they have AA.

  • sgreen81 5 years ago

    I dunno if it’s still the same, but when I first joined bwin poker the
    rookie freerolls were a great way to practice for free, as the prizes were
    usually tickets to more freerolls, so while I didn’t really make anything I
    wasn’t losing anything & I got a lot of useful practice and learnt a lot
    just by playing. Watching professionals & vids like this helps me so much
    now, but when I started I just couldn’t make much sense of any of it lol..

  • marcellothefellow 5 years ago

    These tips will just set you up for losing against unconventional players
    and bluffers. Best tips are learned from watching pros play new players.