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My Poker Academy offers you the possibility to meet like minded players at all levels, discuss your strategies and help improve your game. Get inside informa…
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  • Adam Chalmers 5 years ago

    Greg is a really nice guy. I sent him my Cigar Aficionado magazine where
    he was on the cover. He signed it and sent it back to me within 2 weeks.
    His publicist handled it all and I didn’t have to pay for him to ship it
    back which was really cool.

  • Ben Ye 5 years ago

    I have become pot commited when I am short stack, prevents bluffing.
    improved implied odds, more room to bluff, big stack is the way to go

  • Ben Ye 5 years ago

    Why do we play post flop as pros? Decision checklist:
    Evluate the hand- bluff, deez nuts
    Coordinated board decision is harder(play aggressively) or not
    coordinated(rainbow) we play those slowly
    Having position- when we can bluff and when we can cash out the pot
    Remeber who was prefop raiser, it meant he had strong hand,
    they tend to continue raising and people tend to check to the raiser
    (natural flow)
    Unnatural flow a check could mean a monster or a total miss,
    A stronger hand for multi-lateral pots, tend to bluff just one person

    A $2000 chip stack may sound like a lot on its own, but if they blinds are
    $100/$200 then this is a very small amount to be playing with in no limit
    Hold’em. The following table should give you an idea of what is considered
    to be small, medium and big stack sizes:

  • misterf00l 5 years ago

    Greg Raymer

  • Clevergamer 5 years ago

    I love this guy! He’s so good at explaining. How to spell his full name?