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Poker  Academy - Tournament Strategy - Lesson 01 - Risk of Ruin

My Poker Academy offers you the possibility to meet like minded players at all levels, discuss your strategies and help improve your game. Get inside informa…
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  • viddrome 5 years ago

    He’s actually a good guy. It’s just funny to see him lose his cool – but
    it’s part of the show.

  • Luke Bodom 5 years ago

    he has 13.

  • mastermax7777 5 years ago


  • Noorzad1 5 years ago

    it sucks that everyone embarasses this guy on TV. Hides the decent player
    he really is lolll

  • zoomer2480 5 years ago

    11 wsop bracelets says it all.

  • Domitila Haward 5 years ago

    WOW! Right after watching that I chose to register from PokerStar and also
    I came across the marketing code psp15562 and so they matched up our very
    first deposit