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  • Mike Boatright 4 years ago

    What I don’t get about this is the odds aren’t always true. Iv’e been
    messing around with a nut flush draw with one card to come or the river on
    a 9 handed game and it ranges from as low as 6% to 32%. The reason for this
    is every shuffle is different sometimes there are nine hearts left in the
    deck sometimes there is 3. Compute this percentage out of the 27 cards left
    in the deck and you have the actual chance of your card coming. I don’t get
    4/2 because of this and if I am wrong here that means sometimes you have
    18% and sometimes you have 6% to make the nut flush. Also with an open
    ended straight draw on the flop your supposed to have 8 outs with 29 cards
    left to come this is at max 28 percent. The reality is it’s more like 14
    percent and after the turn 7-12% This is because out of the remaining cards
    in the deck it’s an unknown variable how many cards can help you it could
    be at max 8 or it could be 3 calculate that with 27 cards left in the deck
    and you got 11%.

  • Saba Lazim 4 years ago

    How can the chances be higher then 50% to win when the majority of the
    remaining cards in the deck wont do anything for us?
    This is so confusing. 1 to 10 spades diamonds and clubs are already 30
    cards that we dont need which is bigger then the half??

  • Marcus Schumacher 4 years ago

    2:23 What is “better”?

  • Philip Henderson 4 years ago


  • jason Martin 4 years ago

    No, it isn’t. If you’re winning 20% of the time out of 100, then that means
    80% of the time you’re losing. 20 goes into 80 four times, which means the
    ratio of 80 to 20 is 4/1.

  • Rob Smith 4 years ago

    The Calculating pot odds vid, (Lesson 03) is not on here?

  • GunsAndBabesTV 4 years ago

    minute 2:18 is wrong… 20% to make a hand is a 5 to 1 not 4 to 1

  • Chloé Devey 4 years ago

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