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Poker After Dark Pot Limit Omaha week 3 Full Video

Watch all the parts as they happen here:
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  • superdave31 4 years ago

    something about Hastings face actually tilts me… I think its because he
    looks like a robot pulling a stupid face

  • glen quagmire 4 years ago

    lol ivey raped this table

  • mslewin 4 years ago

    “can’t get no fuckin teacher, come on” – Phil Ivey. LOL.

  • Ronaldvanbell Bell 4 years ago

    nice bluff by hasting 26:30

  • racicot87 4 years ago

    unless it’s suited it’s not that strong not like it is in holdem

  • bradley CLINCH 4 years ago

    it was suited.. AKspades

  • MBYG0DKINGS 4 years ago

    Sometimes what they’re talking is even more interesting than the game.

  • Jonathan Johnson 4 years ago

    Galfond’s body language and facial expression always make it seem like he
    has the nuts lol

  • MrMisterCurtis 4 years ago

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  • benitolopez1000 4 years ago

    lol money talks so please shut up.

  • Dennis Rot 4 years ago

    It’s definitelly worth a call, but not much more, since he has a worthless
    9 2 to go with it.

  • Glenn C 4 years ago

    Antonius is such a donk. With 2 others in the hand calling down his pot
    size bet on the flop he continues a pot size bet on the turn with a ten
    high strt. His hand cannot improve any more and he has to put his opponents
    on monster draws or sets. So he continues pushing on the turn (he should
    have checked raised if someone bet turn or just give the free card.) Then
    he calls off the rest of his chips when it’s blatantly obvious a flush was
    made on the river.

  • fknjshaw x 4 years ago

    i’m a bit inexperienced with omaha, so this may be a donk question. but at
    18:20 did Adams really lay down AKs? i understand that all four cards can
    play a part on the flop, but surely having AKs in your hand is good enough
    to play?

  • Manisha Ahuja 4 years ago

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