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+ video Doyle Brunson Layne Flack Phil Hellmuth Chris Ferguson Erik Seidel T.J. Cloutier.
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  • scrumsiparacetamol 5 years ago

    this is pretty good poker.

  • gene19431 5 years ago

    If according to Doyle all you need to know when to hold them,when to fold
    them and when to push all in. If you knew all that would it still be
    gambling or would it be a money making machine?

  • stomparoger 5 years ago

    i only watch tv poker, but that hand between hellmuth and was one of the
    best ive seen. wish hellmuth had the AQ of course “thats what ive been
    waiting for right there” usual superman bullshit. though i can not dislike
    the guy after having watched i guess most of what there is to see of him

  • stomparoger 5 years ago

    thats the thand between hellmuth AND seidel my english is not bad as my
    mothers been married to an irishman for 20yrs but what are doyle and flack
    saying from 24.03 to 24.07? Anyone?

  • Jesus Rojas Quero 5 years ago

    14:40 he called the raise with a fucking queen ten”””” HE CALLED THE RAISE

  • rezamalin71 5 years ago

    Doyle: He’s got murder in his heart Flack: It’s pumping so damn hard I
    don’t know what I’m gonna do

  • greggusan 5 years ago

    I thought that little exchange was great

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