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+ video Doyle Brunson Layne Flack Phil Hellmuth Chris Ferguson Erik Seidel T.J. Cloutier.

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  • Mjolbaggar 5 years ago

    “you played that like a world champ, really impressive” lol. erik got class

  • greggusan 5 years ago

    Phil is the biggest bitch. I’m amazed he’s so successful. He always seems
    to be on tilt.

  • mrprestoneable 5 years ago

    erik siedel is about 1 gazillion times the player phil is. plus, he has

  • mrprestoneable 5 years ago

    oh wait.. i forgot, doyle is the best.

  • EirikIndahl 5 years ago

    10:07 Not just load, but cock baby

  • Kasra Rohani 5 years ago

    hahaha good one

  • Don Quixote 5 years ago

    I’m just a noob but I think Phil uses a different definition for a trapping

  • Jim Mills 5 years ago

    I actually think Phil plays like garbage on TV to trap people in the
    tournaments. Everyone thinks hes a donk because of TV. Maybe i’m giving him
    too much credit?

  • Kasra Rohani 5 years ago

    Shana doesn’t even give a fuck what Phil says lol

  • slicer1028 5 years ago

    i love playing K9 off to trap somebody lol

  • Mjolbaggar 5 years ago

    lol, hellmuth is a child.

  • MrSqurk 5 years ago

    I agree, The minute he gets a slightly bad beat then he goes on tilt and
    starts doing stupid moves. I am no pro but that’s what it looks like to me.

  • Mike Prestige 5 years ago

    Phil Hellmuth is trapping players even when he sleeps

  • Kasra Rohani 5 years ago

    hahaha good one

  • Antonio Wagner 5 years ago

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