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+ video Doyle Brunson Layne Flack Phil Hellmuth Chris Ferguson Erik Seidel T.J. Cloutier.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Dean Peterson 5 years ago

    This dealer is in love with her own voice. She is always yammering on,
    where the other dealers very seldom can be heard talking. She whines about
    where their chips are, she says they didn’t show their cards (when they
    actually did), she loves TV time more than Hellmuth!

  • Jim Mills 5 years ago

    I was looking forward to seeing these two heads up. But Phil cards were
    junk. I dont think I would have called with Q 3 off.

  • John Bloss 5 years ago

    Best episode yet.

  • max34be 5 years ago

    epic heads up play by doyle

  • BUNCECENTRAL 5 years ago

    Love all these guys

  • Ecne3D 5 years ago

    that’s what stops me from seriously going into poker, you can have just bad
    luck and you are fucked up. game like that when just one side get all the
    nice cards is really shitty

  • Spenakis 5 years ago

    20:41 -20:44 is heart breaking. #letsjustbefreinds

  • MMAh0lligan 5 years ago

    dude, a 20% dog will eventually get lucky sometimes. bad beats are meant to
    happen thats why a bankroll is there for. winning players are winning
    because they play for the long run.

  • greggusan 5 years ago

    Phil’s whining drives me crazy, but even I felt bad for the shite cards he
    was getting. That really is frickin frustrating

  • arshaaj 5 years ago

    that girl who asks them question is dumb as fuck , i wanna punch her in the

  • Kelly Goerbig 5 years ago

    4:37 I want her.

  • farneyblakeley-new comment format sucks 5 years ago

    Hellmuth cracks me up

  • Niyaz nazeer sait 5 years ago

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