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  • Noctis411 4 years ago

    Bob Safai looks like he beats his wife and kids

  • Adam Zillin 4 years ago

    Someone also needs to tell Batman to S…T…F…U…

  • deerzo bhai 4 years ago

    Phil Laak man if you raise that river bluff to around 55-60k against Phil
    Helmouth i think he wont call with his Straight!!

  • W806D 4 years ago

    i believe laak is the worst player of all time.

  • Sea Hawks 4 years ago

    Damn helmuth sucks, wins a hand then plays like tight grandma, not seeing a
    flop to a weak 3,200 raise with q/10 suited, folds A/K to a weak raise, wtf
    is wrong with this guy, and with that nut straight he had, I would of insta

  • camel595 4 years ago

    what the fuck happened to kenny tran, dude was sick

  • Abjezed 4 years ago

    Just noticed the hands at 2:56. Noone has a card alike and they’re all in
    a row. 7 8 9 10 J Q K A

  • alessio rossi 4 years ago

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  • randy bailey 4 years ago

    Why does people play a game thats 100% no skill,no hitting,no moving,no
    nothing but sitting there hoping to get lucky

  • MarcusCism 4 years ago

    LOL: Lee Ann pretending to be interested in these degen nerds. Durrrr
    telling Tran that he has no curve ball.

  • jonavuka 4 years ago

    great episode, they were having lots of fun

  • This-is-it 4 years ago

    Tran was in my 100–300 mixed game 3 weeks ago at Commerce. 

  • gifteddiva 4 years ago

    Phil Laak is such an asshole. When he talks its always about himself. He
    comments during a 200k all-in pot about how Dwan is putting his chips in.
    He does nothing but angleshoot the entire hand with Phil – lying on the
    couch for attention and then lying about his full house and then continuing
    to lie on the couch, I guess waiting for Hellmuth to muck the winning
    straight. THAT is a scum move. He is totally disrespectful to the players,
    the game, and all the money at stake. Then he has the balls to cry about
    his cards being touched when he walks away from them and doesn’t come back
    even after he’s been told several times he’s been called? Stop whoring for
    attention for 5mins if it’s that important to you!

  • Gary Hauf 4 years ago

    nobody says POW

  • Obama 4 years ago

    Kenny Tran is awesome

  • PokerMania2014 4 years ago

    World series of poker main event 2014 in hd on my channel !!!

  • skylinespeed123 4 years ago

    fucking losers!!!!

  • pookomoo 4 years ago

    I’ve lost count of the number of times that Antonio calls peoples exact
    cards when he’s not in the hand. He’s better than anyone else in the game
    at this, and around the 5 minute mark he literally calls out Hellmuth’s 78
    of hearts. What the actual fuck?

  • Shoot1ngStar 4 years ago

    This Safai guy should not be playing this table, he’s rude and obnoxious.

  • Samo Oberstar 4 years ago

    How the hell did Phil fold Ace King pre flop with 5k to call?

  • Hjalmar Nyman 4 years ago

    lol i love that asian guy for some reason

  • Daniel Joos 4 years ago

    did the asian guy ever play a hand?????

  • Benjamin Becerra 4 years ago

    Kenny got it so wrong, but laak knows esfandiary so well so esfandiary told
    him when he looked at him and had that little giggle.

  • Max Peck 4 years ago

    Bob Safai is probably the coolest guy on the planet.

  • ConnorMacleod1888 4 years ago

    man phil hellmuth has the greatest poker instincts of all time just a
    complete natural with no ego