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Poker After Dark S06E13 Cash game K

+ video Brandon Adams, Todd Brunson, Chris Ferguson, Mike Matusow, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil He…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Francis Gatsby 5 years ago

    This is the first time a cash game on PAD played like a sit ang go.There
    was no aggression.

  • bottleracket 5 years ago

    …and rich….and better at poker than you can ever imagine…being…and
    on and on it goes…

  • bottleracket 5 years ago

    tell us more Mr Unwanted Solicitor!!!

  • bottleracket 5 years ago

    Love how Ferguson just rapes Mike with the 2-7 after all the taunting..

  • Clyde Rembrandt 5 years ago

    I’m guessing it would give an advantage to Ferguson because the other
    players will be playing 72 and Ferguson would not.

  • BEAT LA 5 years ago

    you hit it right on the head. you’d think he’d be splashing around more
    pots, after all it’s full tilt players money anyway.

  • Dinky-Di 5 years ago

    Personally I think the mouth is an absolute douche bag. Just let the poker

  • anglianchannel 5 years ago

    stop giving crediit to shit

  • Metuzalem66 5 years ago

    what a boring episode..

  • Sev3r333 5 years ago

    LMAO. what? This couldn’t be any more wrong. So many LAGs are far too
    careless, disregard position, etc. Its usually a fact that LAGs are
    gamblers of all sorts, and TAGs are simply poker players.

  • Him NYC 5 years ago

    LAG’s use more mathematical play because they understand equity and pot
    odds in all situations. TAGs are more luck based because they just wait for

  • jmagvids 5 years ago

    Ferguson fuckin mega nit

  • 23MEGASTAR77 5 years ago

    WEEEEE…..WTF Antonio ?

  • LMW87MMA 5 years ago

    Phil H is such a pussy. People ALWAYS call him out and offer him to play
    heads up for high stakes and Phil NEVER accepts.

  • scorpyonster 5 years ago

    phill shaking the bills for her to say he’s a legend…

  • ThomasDelPiero 5 years ago

    Most nit table ever? Hellmuth, Brunson, Ferguson and Matusow have no
    sickness in them and play only cards.

  • stephenlandrum 5 years ago

    Chris Drives The Same Vehicle as he had before he became rich and also the
    same house, so hes not a flashy guy or spender, but still really cheap

  • Konrad Karkoszka 5 years ago

    Phil Hellmuth is so annoying when he talk about his bluff against Matusow.
    He has huge ego. Enormous.

  • imran khan 5 years ago

    This Chris Ferguson is A REAL PIECE OF SHIT…!!!!!!!!

  • SaruJerry 5 years ago

    I lol’d so hard when mike was like “this is a bad no limit holdem han ( K-9
    ) and he wouldve had quads hahahah.. when he saw the 3rd King on the turn
    he must have been feeling so bad

  • tzvikiii2 5 years ago

    i love these type of cash games! so entertaining for poker fans

  • ibm88 5 years ago

    Chris is one of those guys who doesn’t think quickly on his feet. He thinks
    he’s a smart guy, but really he just memorizes and tries to take advantage
    of people who don’t have as much experience. The second you make even a
    small change to the rules (e.g. 2-7 game) he can’t adapt. He reminds me of
    the guys in chess who spend all their time memorizing openings because they
    don’t have strong tactical vision.

  • fulltimespy 5 years ago

    nit after dark

  • 0815hupe 5 years ago

    Matusow owns hellmuth big time at 40:01… perfect dialogue

  • ChampionRogerFederer 5 years ago

    Hi. Yeah that does make perfect sense. Thanks a lot for the detailed
    explanation, much appreciated :)