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+ video Phil Ivey, Jared Bleznick, Tom Dwan, Brandon Adams, Brian Hastings, Phil Galfond, Patr…
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  • Ladawn Mathes 5 years ago

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    psp15562 you get the 100 percent deposit reward

  • Derek Robb 5 years ago

    Hastings totally looks at Leann’s tits like 5 times around @11:50

  • thecactuus 5 years ago

    @MrIHateUuu he’s a millionaire because he had a good sponsorship deal with
    ftp you spazzer

  • jonmas83 5 years ago

    i cant stand all the stupid “lost puppy dog” faces Hastings makes , his
    face and mannerisms tilt me so hard , little chubby queer

  • tanter8 5 years ago

    @calico510 regardless of what type of poker is being played ie hold em,
    omaha etc the ranking of hands stay the same so a flush still obviously
    beats 2 pair. In omaha u can only use 2 of ur holding cards and 3 cards on
    the board so he doesn’t have a flush. Hope this helps!

  • clayvision 5 years ago

    you can only use 2 cards frmo your hadn

  • PeachCeca 5 years ago

    Phil Ivey is a bad loser… he is nice when he is winning but when he

  • jasminetomca t 5 years ago

    they should change the show’s intro – after dwan hits his ace on the river,
    all the players beat the crap out of chris and howard

  • mace9697 5 years ago

    nah dude, sammy farha would have made this show

  • jonnyhatter35 5 years ago

    when phil said to Tom, “I’m assuming you’re not gonna raise,” I think that
    made Tom’s fold a little bit easier. He just didn’t sound at all worried.

  • thecactuus 5 years ago

    what is all this talk about 100s millions – none of these guys would be
    worth over 50 million

  • Greig Russell 5 years ago

    He’s the best in the world at PLO!

  • thecactuus 5 years ago

    ”you’re are”, a common mistake made by the native peasantry who possess
    below average intelligence, innit?

  • MrCpc5000 5 years ago

    @john cope-flanagan youre a turd burger

  • yannickc1989 5 years ago

    Brian Hastings is such an awkward kid..

  • clayvision 5 years ago

    love the intro

  • yellow6100 5 years ago

    @dtwhitehouse gus like all loose bad players is good action.

  • Blair Adams 5 years ago

    Let’s get the bimbo’s ass in the air

  • 2pacisgoDIamOJ 5 years ago

    this guy brian is such a nerd TROLOLOLOL JUST LISSEN HIS TROLL LAUGH AT
    32:50 ! IM HATER AND PROUD!

  • rdcruick 5 years ago

    sick intro

  • dabestplayer 5 years ago

    if you are reading jeff hwang’s book, then it is fine to just play it
    exactly the same. It is fine in the lower stakes.

  • heikkikaheli 5 years ago

    Antonius played hilariously bad in this session

  • calico510 5 years ago

    In Omaha does a flush not beat two pair? I don’t know much about Omaha.

  • John Cope-Flanagan 5 years ago

    Hahaha you’re so pathetic. Hit a nerve did I? You’re just another weak
    internet troll. Bitch I’m done with you.

  • Afro Aoki 5 years ago

    the first hand adams folds trip 6s pre flop lol