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+ video Phil Ivey, Jared Bleznick, Tom Dwan, Brandon Adams, Brian Hastings, Phil Galfond, Patr…
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  • Sheba Lavoy 5 years ago

    Amazing video clip. Do you know usually when you use the marketingcode
    (psp15562) whenever applying at P0kerStars, you obtain any 100% extra as
    much as $600?

  • darco horsey 5 years ago

    re;the staring comment…..hmmmmm….dwan looks really hard at people
    because his job is being a professional poker player. he scares
    everyone-even more than phil (no disrespect at all). he picks up SO much
    off looking at people and gives away nothing at all. When u at the table
    you do everything u can to get any sort of edge,,,

  • SoulReflexions 5 years ago

    33:37 – I like Ivey’s fold

  • steve istheman 5 years ago

    i’m getting pretty bored watching durrr stare at people. he takes it way to

  • speebyda 5 years ago

    Not to me. I suck at Omaha.

  • rafizkk 5 years ago


  • Tom Blackburn 5 years ago

    you’re an idiot. what hands are calling a raise?

  • Marco Landi 5 years ago

    19:07 starrrrts!

  • GorillaRadio88 5 years ago

    @JeeRaph what hands that he beat were calling a raise?

  • Markus Ringstad 5 years ago

    11:29 Patrik Antonius terminator-style “I’ll be back”

  • ajronmejden 5 years ago

    @romanistaMCMXXVII Excuse me, are you high on crack? Correct me if I’m
    wrong but, as far as I remember, Bleznick had the nuts in that spot. So
    what exactly do you mean by saying that he didn’t want to gamble? When you
    have the nuts, you’re not gambling because you’re winning and you want to
    get as much value as possible. And as I’ve said, slowplaying OOP doesn’t
    make sense whatsoever because getting more value is difficult.

  • danilo789456123 5 years ago

    @Fazsa thanks man :)

  • takeout512 5 years ago

    she would get it soo hard

  • yellow6100 5 years ago

    @Fazsa i started at 03:26 Just in case

  • tradingbr 5 years ago

    damn Leanne Tweeden looks hot

  • Andrew Bort 5 years ago

    lol Phil Ivey staring contest

  • yellow6100 5 years ago

    @ajronmejden youre an idiot ,right? obv not playing poker ,maybe kid game?

  • Fazsa 5 years ago

    starts 2:46

  • pigplind 5 years ago

    @guanaco103 its standart. if you cant make these laydowns, omaha should not
    be the game of your choice!

  • BigDrew11189 5 years ago

    hastings is playing amazingly

  • DrummerBoyJason 5 years ago

    Especially with all those high cards on the board. Odds are if Dwan has a
    king he has a boat. Still a good fold, but I’ve seen him make better ones.

  • romanistaMCMXXVII 5 years ago

    @ajronmejden he didn’t want to gamble reraising and calling Galfond’s
    shove. So he calls to valuebet there. This is another valid way to play,
    even if I prefer a reraise

  • speebyda 5 years ago

    Whilst you’re just a little dick.

  • Philboy50 5 years ago

    i love ivey preflop omaha ply here. he’ll limp very often, but he’ll never
    ever ever limp fold to a single raise. that way ivey only has to invest a
    big blind (or a straddle) to see alot of flops cuz the other players no
    that there is no fold equity against ivey after he limped.

  • Jibberish519 5 years ago

    @pigplind stop playing marginal hands then :)