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+ video Phil Ivey, Jared Bleznick, Tom Dwan, Brandon Adams, Brian Hastings, Phil Galfond, Patr…
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  • McKinnonOfWheatlands 5 years ago

    hahaha bleznik tilts the fuck out of dwan

  • MrVysheen 5 years ago

    28:35 Dwan’s funny hat.

  • JenovaTheGreat 5 years ago

    Bleznick looks like a 6 year old trapped in a 12 year olds body

  • InternationalHipHopBox 5 years ago

    The PLO PAD is the best televised cash game IMO. The player field is one of
    the strongest possible, lots of action, the female host is the hottest
    ‘I’ve ever seen on a poker show, plus PLO is clearly my favorite variant of
    poker (almost addicted to it, ‘or I am’). I really like Phil Galfond’s PLO
    game, it’s imo one of the strongest, also Hastings has a strong game. Dwan
    is amongst the best also in PLO cash games and Phil Ivey of course too,
    Antonius makes too many bad plays in these sessions.

  • Candy Coated Poison 5 years ago

    was that a joke

  • magicolivier 5 years ago

    @37:25 Bleznick: “You want once or twice?” Dwan: “I don’t care…. small
    pot” …. …. …. Dwan: “Yeah, let’s deal it once if you don’t mind”

  • fllikk 5 years ago

    bleznick is douche. what a thing to say to patrick whos stuck pretty good.
    you could tell patrick loooved that one

  • CoLLecToR91 5 years ago

    The dealer gets more in tips from these guys than I make in a month, even
    working 24/7 where do I apply

  • bumdildoofvengence 5 years ago

    wtf is goin on with dwan hiding money behind the couch?

  • PloWarrior1 5 years ago

    plo is king, check out my vids for plo content

  • thecactuus 5 years ago

    @42JDD no ur mama wasnt too expensive and she was worth it – she could suck
    start a harley!

  • Bryce Foley 5 years ago

    Bleznick, who the fuck is that? An amateur!!!!!!!!!

  • JiveDadson 5 years ago

    Those bundles are so stupid.

  • pablosgscr 5 years ago

    @BoobiesHooray lol

  • carlover49 5 years ago

    jared bleznick is very annoying.

  • SuqAta8 5 years ago

    30:50 lmao

  • MrTwixinator 5 years ago


  • Anduril6000 5 years ago

    I think he said short. As in short stack.

  • Xufeng Liang 5 years ago

    brain hastings looks like hes in physical pain

  • speebyda 5 years ago

    You spell genius like I spell bananananana.

  • jasonblitz89 5 years ago

    lol 26:30 the ever helpful phil ivey

  • Jan Valjavec 5 years ago

    @Philboy50 it 31:10, not 3:10….but yea…funny as hell xD

  • TalkingCatfish 5 years ago

    I love Poker conversation. Everybody trying to feel each other up

  • Erroberer 5 years ago

    31:25…..antonius funny haircut

  • ryan BABBAGE 5 years ago

    my account was hacked this was not my comment:)