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+ video Phil Ivey, Jared Bleznick, Tom Dwan, Brandon Adams, Brian Hastings, Phil Galfond, Patr…
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  • Taina Grana 5 years ago

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    particular marketingcode (psp15562) and I acquired $600 cost-free once i
    put into the account $600 because they match up your current first deposit.

  • AceMiloMedia 5 years ago

    After the hand Hastings won at 27:10 I have some newfound respect for him.

  • MegaCityPatrol 5 years ago

    Watch episode 33 and see Antonius slap him down

  • ravi choudhary 5 years ago

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  • wiredsk8r 5 years ago

    see how he touch cards what a professional so much skill that cant be
    taught mad skill in this game amost as much skill as pokie machine players
    just insane so good pro

  • snakerman2612 5 years ago

    i believe you can’t see from you right and left eye. if you’re sayin’
    holdem has more action than PLO then i don’t know where the fuck have u
    been playin

  • DeathBySlushPuppy 5 years ago

    @PeachCeca Luck cannot attribute to winning that much at poker

  • lefty1999 5 years ago

    dont like omaha .. as much as they talked about it in the past when they
    finaly filmed it is such a luck game it is boring .. also it is scary in
    every street it kills any chance of action… evreyone (including action
    players) have to play safe

  • TalkingCatfish 5 years ago

    Bleznick just need to shut up he annoying

  • tipsy09 5 years ago

    this is a game where i dont mind playing a stake higher than i should, or
    just buyin in a little short at a higher stake

  • Chris Cowie 5 years ago

    Poker is usually fun with a smaller amount of chips and no money in,
    because you can’t be too risky or fast-paced when dealing with real money.

  • MrUndead115 5 years ago

    You should get bitten in the peach by a vicious dog

  • TheCapitainCunt 5 years ago

    bleznick’s hands are pretty sweaty

  • Nick Henderson 5 years ago

    Love PLO, wish there was more of this – Ivey’s style is brilliant.

  • Michael Joshua 5 years ago

    I play PLO but have never seen a high stakes PLO game and it really does
    suck. When you play at the lower levels it absolutely is a different game,
    because people do gamble with second nut flush draws, wraps, and middle and
    bottom sets. Hold Em is the best game by far, but low limit PLO really is a
    psycho action game!

  • twink3h 5 years ago

    lol all this time I thought it was Greg Raymer commentating…

  • pablosgscr 5 years ago

    andy bloch is a pro he can do better than this imo, boring commentator

  • craig newell 5 years ago

    flopdnuts86: IM THE CAPTAIN!!! just reading some of the coments, i can see
    that most of u r confused about playin 4 cards! this only tells me that u
    hav no sence or skill 4 the game and that u r the type of donk 2 marry ur
    hand playing nlh, no matter how much it fucks u on ever street!! playing
    plo theres bound 2b alot more callers in the pot as every1 has very high
    chance of hittin of catching something on the flop. if ur gna play plo,
    play safe and think about ur move! oh and stay clear of me!

  • ZupaGeil 5 years ago

    Playing Poker without Money is like dating Girls without Boobies.

  • PeachCeca 5 years ago

    It doesn’t make him look like that, he IS like that, just a lucky moron.

  • Andre Oppedisano 5 years ago

    most likely playing with play money on pokerstars where everyone is all in

  • ros375 5 years ago

    y is this incomplete?

  • Nestor Jose Flores Zavaleta 5 years ago

    It’s Omaha and it’s one Dwan’s favorite

  • PeachCeca 5 years ago

    I supposed you want to be the dog…

  • Michael Joshua 5 years ago

    And I believe you don’t understand English. I will quote my above statement
    for your convenience. “…Hold Em is the best game by far, but low limit
    PLO really is a psycho action game.” Where the fuck did I say hold em has
    more action than PLO????? Where? Oh, that’s right, I didn’t. I said Hold Em
    is that BEST game, I said nothing about it having more action.