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  • Logan Harris 5 years ago

    i don’t know why but everything about Laak bugs me, I rather Masturbate
    with sand paper than to have to listen to him.

  • Sameeha Dadsha 5 years ago

    sit and goes are my favorite, you can start with a no deposit bonus to
    reduce your risk. this poker site will give you a real 8 dollars to start
    get it here POK22.COM Progress just means bad things happen faster.

  • Bram Degrave 5 years ago

    Meuller is even a bigger nit then ferguson and lederer –‘

  • Je Moeder 5 years ago

    Ali Nejad just stfu.

  • derrikk85 5 years ago

    The Viffer is the best

  • Jimbo2189 5 years ago

    laak is such a penis – JJ was the easiest fold ever and he makes it out to
    be something special.

  • madafakkaa 5 years ago

    HAHAAHHhahhahahahahaa lederer is such a cock very sad ;(

  • rhinoknife 5 years ago

    More like Muler.