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Either if you play it more seriously and want to make a living out of it or if you just want to play it for fun, poker is definitely a very good exercise! 24…
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  • Zeiptas 5 years ago

    Hey Kez, great video man!. I am sorry notice it seems you are no longer
    part of the Athenelive team, as there is no Kez in the forums… I tried
    typing the url from the video manually but it says the page no longer
    exists =(. Is there any other place where I can find your faqs, guides,
    recommended sites, etc? I would really appreciate it. Thanks again!

  • KezSwagger 5 years ago

    @Zerserk I’m on it! Nothing is gonna stop me now heuehuehuhue ;d

  • gajedan 5 years ago

    yay, I have been waiting for this

  • SId Brejak 5 years ago

    pokerstars is banned in the US? Really?

  • pundars 5 years ago

    uuu yea this is great :)

  • drdope666 5 years ago

    look forward to more

  • myGAMESENSETV 5 years ago

    Nice tutorial. Looking forward for more of these.

  • KezSwagger 5 years ago

    @myGAMESENSETV Cheers bro! I’ll certainly keep it up 😉 Thanks for your

  • Zerserk 5 years ago

    nice video man, upload more 😉

  • Bentellsjokes 5 years ago

    The guide which was linked to on Athene live is now part of FP coach, under
    poker tutorials, check before the game and it’s exactly the same

  • KezSwagger 5 years ago

    @gajedan hope it was what you were expecting and if possible even more! 😉