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MMS can get a little serious when it comes to playing poker. Bluffing, bad tempers, and a few too many snacks. Moving Mind Studio is Sam Brisson, Ryan George and Brandon Calder MMS on …
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  • tweetyz mama 4 years ago

    I Was About To Say, “Why TF Is He Eating…”? LOL

  • TheDoubleSpazz 4 years ago


  • Darcie 4 years ago

    AMAZING Special effects- if thats what they are called. It’s so cool! I
    love the noise his head makes when it hits the chips. Hahaha

  • jdujarric 4 years ago

    haha, def didn’t expect that, Keep it up guys!

  • raymondspnc 4 years ago

    Lmao! “I told you to fold…i will murder your family…” one of the
    funniest ones guys

  • mrkraigery 4 years ago

    you guys should have more views

  • Daniel Rodriguez 4 years ago

    lol i figured he would choke or cheat while freezing time lol

  • Damon TacoBeans 4 years ago

    nice joke. i always what would happen if somebody died durin a freeze frame

  • Fiona Stanley 4 years ago

    You guys deserve so many more views, It makes me sad to think so many
    people don’t know about you. :(

  • Bob J 4 years ago

    Spread the word!

  • Crazelord91 4 years ago

    did not see that coming, sooo funny

  • non tew 4 years ago

    Haha that was terrific,Good work guys!

  • tinnytunez 4 years ago


  • uniqueshania123 4 years ago

    Ryan’s face @ 1:52, I lost it.

  • vantime539 4 years ago

    this comes dangerously close to product placement

  • Elliot May 4 years ago

    Nice editing work on that it was seamless! original idea too, keep it up!

  • Adam . G 4 years ago


  • Starfox Doge 4 years ago

    Ryan is pretty damn hot. Just saying. 😛 (and your videos are pretty

  • faraeons12 4 years ago

    Ryan’s expression is priceless! XD

  • Gutrat 4 years ago

    best part of the video? brandon stealing the chips as he freaks out

  • maan4495 4 years ago

    im not the first one

  • Jamaar763 4 years ago

    Cults shirt FTW!

  • theuserofthissite 4 years ago

    That was ridiculously awesome. I knew you were going to do something with
    the time freeze, but I definitely didn’t call that.

  • SophisticatedBanjo 4 years ago

    Haha the ending was prime

  • Adam . G 4 years ago

    ohhhh.. fail