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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • SuperDangerousMouse 5 years ago

    obviously ran well… sucked out on the AJo, and got lucky with KdJh… hit
    a couple of sets (misplayed one) and hit a lot of flush draws that allow an
    easy c-bet. I’m not suggesting that this guy isn’t a good player… but
    the results in this video are waaaaayyy on the upper end of the spectrum…
    you simply cannot win at this rate all the time… 

  • kyle hamel 5 years ago

    “reg” not “rag” reg = regular, bad reg = bad regular… you can go from

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Reg means regular. Bad reg means a regular who is a loser in the games.

  • sick abs 5 years ago

    just read the book,,awesome

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    It’s a table mod he got from Click ‘Store’ on the top
    navigation once you’re on the website and then hit ‘Table mod’ – You need
    to be tracked to a poker room with PokerVIP.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

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  • sick abs 5 years ago


  • reeceyhiggs 5 years ago

    how the hell did he get that skin on party poker?

  • Heartand Soul 5 years ago

    you’re not better enough after the c bet, bet your whole stack.. or 3/4 if
    they see more chips they get more nervous,

  • blazemyhood 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this Ryan….. Quick question but how would you define a
    “rag” and/or “bad rag” player?

  • 1too3fore 5 years ago

    Looks more like mindless poker than real poker.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

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  • omnishubo 5 years ago

    absolutely right

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago Check out all of the sites we offer and the best deals

  • Hynex1 5 years ago

    its funny how the fish on the left on table 4 has a shark as avatar…

  • fliptthescript 5 years ago

    you dont c bet a fish and take it down a ton they call every time ibet

  • canadian01978 5 years ago

    too advanced for me, maybe i should study the tracking software more.

  • Mackenzie Rivers 5 years ago

    Where is a good place to play poker online? Is it still possible?

  • Jorge Moisés López González 5 years ago