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Poker Fails


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  • Ruben DeVill 4 years ago


  • Ruben DeVill 4 years ago

    hope yall like !!!!!!

  • Ruben DeVill 4 years ago

    Watch , like and PLEASE share the vids :)

  • Kristopher London 4 years ago

    HAHAHAHA great video bro i was loln throughout the whole thing!!

  • MrNotThatFamous™ 4 years ago

    0:28 meme time lol

  • Rene Mafemba 4 years ago

    ” Oh y’all can smell me? Oh my bad lemme just close my legs

  • Jennifer Rodriques 4 years ago

    Lol I just posted a comment on the last video about 5 mins ago to do a part
    2. And here it is. I guess I just need to Pay attention a lot better. 

  • Carla Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Perfect mi cubanito ♡

  • Alisha 4 years ago

    I love this video it is funny as hell keep up the great work Ruben your
    amazing love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HighFashionManor 4 years ago

    lmfao !!!!!!!!!

  • Qerri W. 4 years ago

    9 views 75 likes? Youtube tripping. But I like the new characters
    especially the country guy lol

  • Andrew reyes 4 years ago

    That Spanish though!!! 

  • jvion johnson 4 years ago

    Funny video

  • Bea Ani 4 years ago

    You’re soooooo creative! and your hair is gorgeous $_$

  • Tyrell Martin 4 years ago

    Your are hilarious!

  • Tamia Traille 4 years ago

    How do you make your voice so different 

  • Jasmine Franks 4 years ago

    Song name? 

  • live_laugh_love3755 4 years ago

    omfggg i was laughing through out the whole video

  • DatCbertoGuy 4 years ago

    So much Ruben In One Video EPIC
    Hella Creative and I can imagine the time it took to edit…lol

  • Juliana Young 4 years ago

    “picante side” LMAOO

  • Liliana Castellanos 4 years ago

    2nd i think i got a notification sent to my phone awesome =)

  • loveandlightanddisco 4 years ago

    You just keep on upping the “LMFAO Factor”!! Million thumbs up, so
    freaking hilarious!! <3

  • shellzbespazin 4 years ago

    LMFAO!!! that voicemail thoo :D

  • Mekayla Goodwin 4 years ago

    2:44 I really thought you were going to catch it smh

  • Braven Burris 4 years ago

    Lmfao you so cute