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If you think you’re running bad take a look at these guys. A compilation of genuine graphs seen on the Sharkscope database.

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  • Quinten Achternaam 5 years ago

    i lost $550 in 2 days due to bad motherfucking beats every 15 minutes. I
    earned it by grinding for three full weeks, still this doesnt quite make me
    feel better

  • alex ives 5 years ago

    i band my self for a lost of £17 the other day , this makes me fill better

  • nol smit 5 years ago

    The guys graph thats -$4750 is terrible holy shit lol

  • nol smit 5 years ago

    Afew of them graphs is just standard u cant judge a online poker players
    graph from less then 500 games look at kid pokers :) and some there have
    been from players doing well at lower stakes then entering a huge buy in

  • GlentoranMark 5 years ago

    The graph isn’t profit over time but rather profit over games played. You
    can’t escape it if you lose a tourney but you can opt out on Sharkscope. I
    know both sharks and fish that have opted out.

  • Foreverguga1 5 years ago

    Poker sites usually offer a self exclusion possibility but most of these
    degenerate players will never admit they have a problem. The site lets them
    ruin their lives and relationships as long as they can make money off it.
    They see who’s playing 9hours per day, losing at a huge rate. A friend of
    mine is one of them. I’m rooting for a site that offers voluntary bankroll
    restrictions (quit 1 hour after losing 2 buy ins) and playing time
    restrictions (6 hours per day max)

  • Ben696969 5 years ago

    these are freeroll guys…. That why its neutral… These are real down
    grinders !

  • imnotsickimjustaboy 5 years ago

    @cbrwn same LOL

  • WolfiKxx 5 years ago

    good video :) …name of the song ?

  • Bruce Smith 5 years ago

    this should be Obama’s theme song

  • ohyeah2034 5 years ago

    @RakebackReviewer They would only allow themselves to lose a certain much
    each day but they never won so……..

  • imauser12345678 5 years ago

    Tilt problem?

  • AussiePoker King 5 years ago

    @chronicATM omg, is that for real? the guy has lost every month since
    december 2006! and he’s still going lol

  • hellasow 5 years ago

    1st off i would want to know if i can play (Which i can’t because i am from
    NY) 2nd i would want to know if i cash out and for how much and how long
    does it take…But since number 1 is not true i could careless about
    anything else but thanks anyway.

  • Sean Milliken 5 years ago

    Huge sharkscope user. Love the video man!

  • mikeusat 5 years ago

    I don’t think these guys are running bad. They’re playing bad.

  • xlxdeadmanxlx 5 years ago

    mines so much better then this and im not that good

  • IMakeBoringVideos 5 years ago

    @shagrat32 or tehy start playing 5k buyins….

  • BilCozbi 5 years ago

    martingale forever

  • curlygirlydj 5 years ago

    omg these players clearly just suck

  • pennax 5 years ago

    Now I’m fell better! :)

  • Luckboxrr 5 years ago

    the only thing i can think of is if you stop playing poker for awhile, then
    u can run neutral, but then it wouldnt show that in the graph right? cause
    ur not playing any hands at all and theres nothing to record

  • George Heaton 5 years ago

    The sad thing is, a lot of them start with a really good spike and then it
    just shoots downwards, I wonder if they didn’t run good in that one
    tournament way way back when would they have lost so much trying to get
    that back.

  • inthenuddy 5 years ago


  • tyfusnummer32 5 years ago

    i just lost €20 and i’m furious.. im feeling good after watching this lol