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Poker Basics



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  • Matt Gill 5 years ago

    High card is lower than a Pair.. Good video anyway Thank you

  • Eastendbiilythekid 5 years ago

    Thanks you

  • Jivan Scarano 5 years ago

    7:18 Those aren’t even the right suits, it was 5♦5♠5♥4♠4♣.

  • Sourabh Sharma 5 years ago

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  • MarioFan124 5 years ago

    This video is actually useful. Every other video on youtube are too
    freaking confusing to someone who has never played before.

  • LimpingPimping 5 years ago

    Hello :3

  • MrMightyReedy 5 years ago

    Really helpful! Cheers x

  • takik133 5 years ago

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  • Hristo Mladenchev 5 years ago

    When I clicked the video… I confessed I was a dummy…

  • zombiecarrot 5 years ago

    I just want to get passed that 1 fucking mission in Far Cry 3.

  • sweetescape0016 5 years ago

    thats not his real name xD

  • Win2k3SE 5 years ago

    @NycAttentionWhore Indeed.

  • InsertHereBrain 5 years ago

    Why hello there people that bought poker night at the inventory for the tf2

  • TUN444 5 years ago

    yrtereegthgfjghjshwcrfhvy< v