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Playing five-card stud poker is similar to five-card draw, except that the first card is dealt face down and the following four cards are dealt face up. Unde…
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Seven-Card Stud


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  • Gold Au 4 years ago

    So many people making videos that have no idea about 5 card stud or the
    original standard rules.

  • BvBrittz 4 years ago

    can you look at your face down card

  • Jacob Gluck 4 years ago

    this guy has no clue. “two of a kind”… what’s that? Sounds like one pair,
    not the two pair he intended. Also, what’s up with the bring-in being half
    the ante and the completion of the bet to a full ante? His errors are
    egregious!! It should be taken offline.

  • REBELMINDFUCK 4 years ago

    9/11 was an inside job…

  • jbm2005 4 years ago

    i love me some 5 card stud. it’s the only other game other then hold ’em
    that i play

  • Baroque Adagio 4 years ago

    Whoever did the subtitles on this video is hilarious!!! Whenever he
    stuttered they put it on there!

  • aurum2001 4 years ago

    how is two of a kind different than a pair?

  • edivagyok 4 years ago

    i was rofling at the subtitles. its so fking funny 😀

  • Bodna02 4 years ago

    who does this guy think he is… charlie from two and a half men?

  • irbenson 4 years ago

    Omg someone said two of a kind instead of two pair, THE WORLD’S GOING TO
    FKING END@1@!!@!@!@21ONE!2@1!2!@!@!!@!

  • owen214 4 years ago

    lol, who wrote the captions?

  • TheFogripper 4 years ago

    any burned card when dealing ?

  • evilsoda00 4 years ago

    The bring-in is actually usually half the betting minimum, not the ante.
    Like in $2/$4 with a $0.50 ante, it would probably be a $1 bring in.

  • minored360 4 years ago

    @Brisingr274 of course

  • ThimplyTheBestht 4 years ago

    thanks dean hale… i dont trust a word you just said

  • Andrew Carter 4 years ago

    I recently started learning poker and the first game I learned was 5 card
    stud. At least I was told it was five card stud. according to this video
    the game I’ve been playing hasn’t been five card stud at all. In my game
    the dealer deals each person 5 cards, then each persons trades up to 5
    cards for a set price, after each player has had the chance to trade the
    wagering round begins, after the wager round they show their hands. the man
    with the best hand wins. What have i been I playing?

  • caviano 4 years ago

    That’s 5 card draw. betting round post dealing… and betting round post
    card swap. My favorite poker game I think.

  • afroguy100 4 years ago

    5 stud is sick if ur a pus