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For more information visit: In this video you will see specific examples which will help you understand poker hands ranking better. Fr…

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  • cofferdamn 5 years ago

    after seeing this video i think your dumb, its not a 52 card deck

  • Eastendbiilythekid 5 years ago

    Tomb Raider teaches you Poker LOL Sounds like Laura Croft.

  • June a 5 years ago

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  • Garrett Sheh 5 years ago

    this is some kindergarden shit

  • go1alan 5 years ago

    brilliant. i like it. checking out your other stuff!

  • go5sieg 5 years ago

    1 +1 to awesomeness

  • Maxus20014 5 years ago

    now thats what i call a good video!

  • Nawroz Duhoki 5 years ago

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