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  • Airtrooper719 XBL 4 years ago

    Look its Pokerstars dealer!!

  • Seungho Youm 4 years ago

    can anyone explain why the last worda of negreanu gave it away? if someone
    said that to ne at that situation I would have no idea if he had a queen or

  • ingomertens 4 years ago

    Negreanu actually overrepped his hand by acting as weak as he did. 

  • Mark Richardson 4 years ago

    The river kills where you belong!!!!

  • aznxkigga 4 years ago

    This is why you shouldn’t talk. Both players gave away their hands.
    Fortunately for Negreanu, he got lucky on the river.

  • Richard Tattershall 4 years ago

    Will poker pros like Negreanu and Hansen most likely beat you? Probably. At
    this stage in their careers they’ve got deep enough pockets to weather a
    loss while you (the average poker player) don’t. This allows them to
    dominate you when the big pots develop. Still, if you do face them and come
    up with a strong hand don’t hesitate or (worse) joust with them: throw it
    all in and they’ll fold just like anyone else. Then get up and walk away
    from the table with your winnings!

  • Danny Cortes 4 years ago


  • Mike Phillips 4 years ago


  • vinu sebastian 4 years ago

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  • Samantha Foong 4 years ago

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