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Poker Legend Doyle Brunson hosts his original talk show interviewing the founder of the World Poker Tour Lyle Berman, and the CEO of Mirage Resorts and World…
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  • Texas Holdem Poker 5 years ago

    Learn from the poker legends 

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  • Augz1776 5 years ago

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  • Zee96969696 5 years ago

    in tournament u gotto decide when to wait for good hand and when to play it
    fast and there isn’t much flop play, in cash games u dont work against the
    increasing blinds and no one is desparate therefore u can’t simply wait for
    best hand, instead u gotto play a stategy that beats your opponents strategy

  • junkrat1 5 years ago

    horrible audio quality

  • MarvfromdaDland 5 years ago

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  • Tilter 5 years ago

    Hello again 240. I love you Doyle.

  • cookyik 5 years ago

    Why cant i hear what Doyle is saying? Is it just me?

  • kleinveld100 5 years ago

    internet rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coolbluezzzz 5 years ago

    @Spindlework did he died ? no you stupid fag

  • Augz1776 5 years ago

    5 months after this interview…black friday happened. Peak of poker is gone

  • fliptthescript 5 years ago

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    Supposedly he is the best and not even negreanu can read like this guy.

  • Nicholas Griffith 5 years ago

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