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  • UCanLearnPokerdotCom 5 years ago

    Learn poker here!

  • CJLopez21 5 years ago

    lol, nothing is wrong with soft games when trying to make money. but you
    used the example of throwing away AK to show how hard the houston games
    are. im saying, if they are throwing away AK with no action in front of
    them, those games are soft

  • roo7227 5 years ago

    No… You just haven’t been punished enough to understand the way to be
    profitable.. Wait till you are facing a 3 bet with your AK off-suit, and
    now you’re playing for half the pot, at best, unless the other AK, that is
    suited, makes their flush.. Cause you know someone has at least what you
    have.. But go ahead, question the guy that wins every time he plays, cause
    he obviously is clueless.. lol..

  • Jim Powell 5 years ago

    Odds of getting AA is 0.45% or 1 n 222? Not I in 110 like you say.

  • Mark Rafik 5 years ago

    can yo please put an actual vid of poker rules?

  • Ramel Prince 5 years ago

    @roo7227 So you’re strictly a positional player. It would be pretty easy to
    read your strategy over a period of time if you never play hands in early
    position. And if you did play a hand out of position your range is so
    limited that any decent player would instant fold. Position is an asset no
    doubt, but it’s a combination of having cards, position, and chip count
    that helps you win in my opinion. And in a tourny that strategy would never
    work because the blinds would kill you.

  • Mark Hatlestad 5 years ago

    Starts at 1:00

  • instantthrill 5 years ago

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  • Ria Gonzales 5 years ago

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  • roo7227 5 years ago

    You guys just don’t get it, do you.. Real poker players, IN REAL POKER
    games, play after the flop.. And AK in front just doesn’t play well after
    the flop.. The hand actually has way less profitability than a hand like
    5-7 does in back position.. POSITION IS EVERYTHING.. It’s not a tourney,
    where moves from front position are prevalent.. People can rebuy, and they
    will give you action, which is not good with AK in front.. August 16th,
    2010, the Full Tilt main Event..

  • ertznay 5 years ago

    His combover that isn’t quite long enough is driving my OCD crazy.

  • Jainam Shah 5 years ago

    @Kinkseraph cause you are last to act

  • roo7227 5 years ago

    @Ramel34 So, you completely disregard the first 5 words of my response, and
    then go about telling me how bad I play?.. lol.. That’s priceless.. Just
    google my name, brother, then tell me how bad I play..

  • Catalin Georgescu 5 years ago

    I want any other poker video

  • Nick Reynolds 5 years ago

    must have meant to say: Aces or Kings

  • Don Doniek 5 years ago

    wuhu that is one of the best ive seen i cant wait to see more

  • Omar Abouelnasr 5 years ago

    also can you do a vid on poker styles and how to recognize them?

  • JXtyp22 5 years ago

    I’m going on an ADVENTURE!!!! (Bilbo Baggins Voice)

  • roo7227 5 years ago

    You guys seem to think there’s something wrong with being selective about
    the hands you play in front position.. That’s actually proper poker
    strategy, and there’s nothing wrong with players thinking you play nothing
    but rocks in front position, cause if forces them to think before they play
    back at you, which will lead to a lot of folds.. Trying to win big pots in
    front position will get you broke, and keep you that way.. You can be as
    creative as you want in back position..

  • CJLopez21 5 years ago

    your logic is the one at question here, but i can tell theres no point in

  • taxIN7 5 years ago

    @Kinkseraph big blind isn’t the last position, its the second position from
    the delear after the small blind, being on the button means you will always
    be the last player to bet, raise, call and perhaps control the hand (apart
    from the initial round of betting pre-flop)

  • phoenixfirelocks 5 years ago

    Vid ends halfway in session 5/8 and is repeated.

  • roo7227 5 years ago

    And then the guy who starts the argument, questions whether having an
    argument is constructive?.. Once again, priceless.. I told you playing
    those cards has little to no profit value, in front position, then you
    retorted with ridiculousness.. First, I want people folding behind me, when
    I bet, in front, and not too surprisingly, i want people playing back at
    me, when I’m in back position.. NO MATTER WHAT CARDS I HOLD (in either
    position).. This is how I stay profitable at a game you don’t..

  • RogerWilco 5 years ago

    I’m no poker pro but this doesn’t sound like good advice.

  • johnbooth1499 5 years ago

    A video about how you play, what you should do to find out and how you can
    stop patterns emerging on your style, i got no clue how i play which is my
    problem, carnt understand what i should do in harsh situations were i think
    i’ve got best hand/ scond best nd get a big raise behind me, still working
    on decifering other hands