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  • lfrohling 4 years ago

    Where is part 2???

  • John Pas 4 years ago

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  • Marko Paolo Tejada 4 years ago

    checking is sometime good and bad depends on your situations

  • Andrea WC 4 years ago

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  • ClaudioSanchezCC 4 years ago

    @notme98 Hey, It depends on certain factors, how tight/loose your
    opposition is, how large their chip stack is and how large your chip stack
    is, Can you look at their betting history and put them on a hand? It also
    depends on what your own betting history is like….if you always bet no
    matter what you have hit on the flop (low pair eg). Lets say you hit top
    pair on the flop. If you suddenly check, your opponent will realise this
    (if they are good) and will likely place you on a strong hand :)

  • illo967 4 years ago

    where is pat 2

  • duderoman050 4 years ago

    duderoman050 will own mikeyboy in the tournament today!

  • davebellend 4 years ago

    5-1 on the next card being the right suit. Its likely youll need to pay out
    again to see another card and it might not be cost effective that round

  • David s 4 years ago

    where is he getting this 5-1 malarky from for hitting the flush with 4
    suited cards after the flop? I’v read about a million times its 33% –
    that’s 2-1 not 5-1

  • ICreatedU2 4 years ago

    I don’t understand the question @3:24, the answer says the “best possible
    odds he can have” are about 4.5 to 1 [= 18.18%] right? But the best drawing
    hand he can have on this flop is Kh Jh drawing for the nut flush,right?
    This means every heart in the deck + every 10’s help, meaning 12 outs,
    right? And 12 outs on the flops gives u 46-48% chances to win the pot and
    not 18%. Am I missing something???

  • David s 4 years ago

    No its significantly less (33%) because there are 13 cards of each suit but
    if you hold two of the same suit and then 2 more of that suit come out on
    the board then that means there are 4 less of that suit in the deck still
    to be dealt. So for example if I have A.K of hearts and the flop comes 3.6
    of hearts and 9 of spades then you know there’s at best only 9 more hearts
    in the deck. There aren’t any clubs that you can see so there are at best
    still 13 clubs in the deck. Hope that makes sense.

  • doluseb 4 years ago

    Do the math yourself. 9 outs 1 time. or 9/46 ~ 20% or 5 to 1. 33% assumes
    you get to see both turn and river without calling/betting any more

  • Foreverguga1 4 years ago

    7:15 It’s very important to add that you are looking for odds to hit your
    hand ON THE TURN And not by the river since there will be betting on the
    turn and it will affect the odds you are calculating. 9 outs once = about
    18% and 4 to 1 needed for a break even expectation It’s also important to
    know if making your flush will get you paid for full stacks if you do make
    it on the turn. And if you make your hand and ship it, what % of the times
    you’ll be up against a higher flush or a full house

  • notme98 4 years ago

    0:59 “checking here is PROBABLY the right choice” Does this mean that
    sometimes you shouldn’t check? I thought checking didnt’ cost anything…
    only raising/calling costs money