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Poker Night 2 - Omaha Gameplay & TF2 Bowie Knife Win (Team Fortress 2 Item Quest, Episode 4)

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  • Tory Hayburn 5 years ago

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    (psp15562) any time joining at P0kerStars, you obtain a 100% bonus as much
    as $600?

  • SecretNinjaPenguins 5 years ago

    im very unlucky in this game

  • Hoe Ming Wei 5 years ago


  • mico027 5 years ago

    you can only use 3 cards from the cards given and 2 from your hand.

  • BillyTuckerGaming 5 years ago

    brock sounds like joe from family guy

  • HeavySandvichGuy1 5 years ago

    For me – Ash wins, Brock – all in, Claptrap – annoying and folds, Sam –
    plays fine

  • marduke83 5 years ago

    13:26 I hate that, I had some hands that I ‘figured’ I should have won, but
    it chose a random card to use in my hand.. game is rigged haha..

  • TheDaxter11 5 years ago

    i unlocked the pyro item but it wont show up on tf2

  • Gmod4phun 5 years ago

    Is it just me, or is Poker Night 2 alot harder than Poker Night 1? I mean,
    in PN1 i won the tournament easily, but in PN2, i played like 12
    tournaments, and i didnt win any of them. I can play poker, but, i realy
    think its pretty hard to win in PN2.

  • Franz Brab 5 years ago

    the reason that you lost that “full house” hand is because in omaha you
    need to use two cards from you hand at all times.

  • TheCasualCommenter 5 years ago

    Honestly, not really. But I like how you try to pull off a troll
    personality after you found out how much of a penis you sounded like when
    you just HAD to tell a guy he forgot to put periods in some sentences.

  • HiroYang 5 years ago


  • mleppo91 5 years ago

    In Omaha you have to use 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the board. In
    Shibby’s case at 13:26 his full house would use 4 on the board and only 1
    in the hand. So the best hand he had was actually the 3 of a kind, second
    best was 2 pair, jacks and 8’s.

  • Avakadoman1995 5 years ago


  • Simon Silverfox 5 years ago

    remember this is Omaha, you have to use 2 of the cards in your hand and the
    other 3 have to be on the table for him to have a full house on that hand
    required 3 of his hand cards, clearly against the rules of Omaha

  • magnusm4 5 years ago

    i played all yesterday and over 15 matches ang nothing! so i went with
    going all in all the time, but at the third all in i busted 3 at one time
    plus all 3 pots and main pot 8l then i won 2 items by going…. all in all
    the time all matches XD yeah skills

  • Al0neStillAlive 5 years ago

    The only redeeming feature of this game appears to be GLADoS.

  • Gregory Prytyka Jr. 5 years ago

    11:15 I love it, Claptrap get suicidal.

  • shstubas0890 5 years ago

    You can only use 2 cards from your hand.

  • TheCasualCommenter 5 years ago

    Wrong. The answer was fucking no one. Thanks for playing WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

  • ScoutBonk18 5 years ago

    Srry For Bad Grammar

  • ayell123 5 years ago


  • Colton H 5 years ago

    No,.. reload the game or start new tourny with intro luck and crap steaks
    change hands at first Sam always folded now for me he almost always raises
    and Brock is folding

  • THATGUYIKNOW 5 years ago

    Some one will offer them up every so often and you just need to win he

  • Nathan Bryant 5 years ago

    I love Sam and Max!