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CARBON LINK to Sign Up & Play: My Email: Me playing / PL Omaha HU —— In this little short video sessio…
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  • nick stephenich 5 years ago

    agreed. That woulda been a good bet, I was actually going to bet 150 but
    then lost my train of thought and the timer on carbon has screwed me over
    in the past so I was in a rushed decision, but def a better option there so
    I agree with your bet sizing for sure in that spot

  • nick stephenich 5 years ago


  • nick stephenich 5 years ago

    I would recommend a prepaid mastercard which can be purchased at CVS,
    walgreens, etc or you can use the”cash transfer option” which is western
    union or money gram. Let me know. Sometimes with your bank you may need to
    call them to enable international transaction in order for it to work. I
    refer you to his thread dedicated to Carbon Poker’s deposits to get the
    most current information:

  • chinren707 5 years ago

    What website is this

  • nick stephenich 5 years ago

    Sorry, you’ll have to email me so I can send you the link to the official
    carbon deposit thread. it wont let me place it in the comments.
    bmwnick1986@yahoo thanks!

  • PloWarrior1 5 years ago

    Crazy check back on the turn with bottom set I like to bet 175 there

  • nick stephenich 5 years ago

    posted it under the video

  • Archibald LapDoggy 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this. Thanx for posting.

  • chinren707 5 years ago

    Cool thanx bro

  • improvizeee 5 years ago

    just curious how much did you start your bankroll at and whats the best way
    to deposit