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The Final Round of Poker! WITH SPECIAL GUESTS GAME GRUMPS! Arin: Danny: http://www.YouTube…
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  • Izaya Orihara 4 years ago

    Roos purposely lost to try to keep up his persona of a lovable idiot. He
    could have won easily and he knows it.

  • logandh2 4 years ago

    “Ross has pocket aces, I can feel it.”
    “You mean these?”
    So fucking funny. 

  • Gnrl Darknessvamp 4 years ago

    Ross has a pair of 5s, Danny has nothing and has gone all in. The tension
    is high, all cards are on the table and Ross…! Folds. The game lasts
    another hour because of this and none of the game grumps or table flip crew
    would know until later that Ross could have ended the game early but wanted
    to have a longer game with his good friend Danny. God dammit Ross.

  • GamezPDD 4 years ago

    I know theyre all friends and such, but that abuse, it gets to you. I had
    friends, and one was essentially the punching bag, and it got fucked up
    after a while, I started personally feeling bad for him. I hope Ross can
    take it all in stride, but holy shit, it does get to you after a while.

    From Dan punching his chips and everything after, I could see him just
    looking worse over time. I feel bad for him. Win or lose, it just got
    fucked up over time, they vilified him. 

  • sora8711 4 years ago

    Only Ross could fuck up an advantage THAT BAD.

    Goddamnit Ross.

  • Fabio Sonda 4 years ago

    If Ross won, everyone would have been pissed that they wasted time watching
    just to see the most smug and troll-like of the game grumps win by a
    landslide. Ross is aware of his image in the eyes of the game grumps
    fanbase, and that is why he threw the game for Danny. It’s sad really. He
    did something nice at his own sacrifice and we shit on him anyway. Shame on

  • Bunny Chan 4 years ago

    that dealer was a cool guy tho :D

  • Reverend Fryers 4 years ago

    These are some of the worst players I’ve ever seen. And I attend beginners
    tournaments on Sundays.

  • SnappyK9 4 years ago

    All these people up in arms over the fun the rest of the table was having
    with Ross…

    You do know he didn’t know what he was doing, right? Beginners luck was
    what made him almost win, and that wouldn’t have made for an interesting
    series. So what if friends have a joke here and gang up on the “king” of
    the game at any given time? I know my friends and i do that. And Ross can
    take it. He knows his friends mean well.

  • Zadentai 4 years ago

    I love it how serious the Dealer was in the beginning put at the end he
    just went with it. He was funny.

  • Batman 4 years ago

    Everyone is saying how poor Ross was abused, but he acts in a way that
    elicits others to be like that.

  • J SAUNDERS 4 years ago

    Please tell me you guys were scripting this… It’s on the verge of
    bullying towards the end! It’s ok Ross <3

  • STEVEEBEE 4 years ago

    Ross let Danny win.

  • Darius Hickman 4 years ago

    Ross with power is a monster

  • I Piss On Your Grave 卍卐 I pity the fool who fears these symbols 4 years ago

    The fucking Jew against Mr.Magoo

    I do not envy whoever has to pick up all the grapes in the aftermatch…

  • Thomas Jackson 4 years ago

    to have those cards in his pocket the whole time for that one visual gag.

    im sorry, danny, you have been replaced for my favorite grump. by Ross.

  • howchildish 4 years ago

    I really wish Ross woulda won :(

  • xxAlphaFoxxx 4 years ago

    “Dan played this game like a champ”. You mean he only won because Ross
    threw the game? Yeah, totally a champ.

  • Max Planck 4 years ago

    Dan winning with a 7-2 offsuit, probably the worst starting hand in texas

  • Aldotiti 4 years ago

    Ross is the real hero.

  • James Schroder 4 years ago

    Holy Shit Ross really doesn’t know how to play. He could have won it with
    that pair of 5’s

  • I think Ross didn’t threw the game. He lost his cool. I mean who wouldn’t
    after all that crap. I’ve had friends just like ross and what they always
    say is that outside it’s kinda okay and that sometimes they can roll with
    it but in each time they get fucked by like this it pierces right in the
    bone. The “Poker with Ross” thing was absolutely fine but the whispering
    about shit and making the coins fall…… that was just a dick move.

  • Rufioh Nitram 4 years ago

    For anyone wondering, the dealer’s name is Nick Amado.

  • George Chiverton 4 years ago

    Whats the minimum again?

  • Ben Sulecki 4 years ago

    Best fucking idea ever: Guest Grumps with Nick the Poker man.