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Daniel Colman reacts to winning M after defeating Daniel Negreanu in the 2014 Big One for One Drop event at the World Series of Poker.
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  • DillonDoes 4 years ago

    I think Colman is a Psychopath or sociopath. Im a psychology graduate so
    thats just my opinion! But there’s a lot of research that would back this.
    e.g. inability to feel joy, happiness etc. Just my opinion, what do y’all

  • Alyssa Mendez 4 years ago

    He’s probably thinking about how much his girlfriend and the government is
    going to take away from him 

  • TheTruthiest 4 years ago

    I believe it’s called a poker face.

  • Palmerater 4 years ago

    Its the poker face… ITS STUCK!

  • FreshLB15 4 years ago

    he must be related to kristen stewart

  • A typical Scouser 4 years ago

    Either he’s still in debt or he’s just real shocked.

  • dolphinfootball23 4 years ago

    Negreanu sucks. He raised 4 million. Call, don’t go all in with A 4 off
    suit idiot. Hey idiots, the reason I’d rather have KQ before A4 is because
    it’s a lot easier to bluff and raise with KQ than it is A4 off suit which
    is a shit hand in my opinion, it’s good sometimes because of the Ace,
    but KQ you have two high cards. A 4 You have the highest and one of the
    lowest. I can easily bluff with KQ. With A 4 offsuit it’s a little more
    difficult. Help morons? Think you know more than me? Subtle laugh. Making
    fun of Zynga? What are we 12? Maybe because you sucked when you tried
    Zynga? USA doesn’t even have Pokerstars kids. Try bluffing me with A 4
    offsuit when I have two high cards connected in KQ. Watch what happens! Poker
    Player’s Interesting Reaction After Winning $15M

  • Chris Samuels 4 years ago

    He’s got the bubble gut, I know that face…that man is in serious need of
    a toilet.

  • Frankie P 4 years ago

    I think he’s on a few Ritalin.

  • freakinyaya88 4 years ago

    Maybe he just really had to take a shit

  • Robert Loveland 4 years ago

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  • Eric Crasher 4 years ago

    Yeah, I am a dirty boy. Just wait, I will shove my hard dick between her
    tits and unload on her chin. Yeah, I like rim jobs. I wonder if Taco Bell
    is still open.

  • STEEVEWES 4 years ago

    he is actually happy…but his face doesnt know it.

  • Knicksdb 4 years ago

    Reminds me of Tim Duncan, showing absolutely no emotion. I wonder if Tim is
    good at poker?

  • bryan weaver 4 years ago

    Something is terribly wrong in that mans life. It’s like he has a penis
    like a belly button, and it’s an inny not an outty. What else would
    leave him looking like someone shot his puppy after winning 15 million+.
    It’s mind boggling to me. 

  • TheCreator 4 years ago

    This is exactly a copy of my face when It comes to a point where I feel sad
    for some one. I don’t believe his psychopath or sociopath in anyway, this
    guy probably had feelings for that guy for loosing that money or something
    similar to that. You should all know him before judging. I bet he has a lot
    of money too, isn’t that a reason? Just saying, dont judge.

  • Leck Michi 4 years ago

    First of all, when did poker become a sport event on TV with cheering
    people, lights and excitement?

  • LrsLzk 4 years ago

    He was probably only in for 10% of himself and he’s already won $1.5m
    before. Then there’s tax, too.

  • Green Arcangel 4 years ago

    Did he bet against himself?? lol

  • Jesse Pinkman 4 years ago

    Hey Dan you can stop your pokerface now… I said you stop your pokerface
    Dan its over, YOU WON! Dan? You alright bro?

  • Stephen Deagle 4 years ago

    Talk about poker face.

  • Andrew McCarney 4 years ago

    He was most likely staked in. whoever paid his entry fee got 90% of the
    winnings and thats why he’s not showing much excitement.

  • Forista Meri 4 years ago

    Que tío más soso y sin sangre. ¿Qué pollas hace tras ganar 15 millones?

  • Sean Kelley 4 years ago

    Glad he won. That negreanu guy seems like a total prick

  • Fettsumi Dickis 4 years ago

    Did he win 15 million for real, cose he is acting like he lost it or