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Poker professional for over two decades; and host of the World Poker Tour, Mike Sexton talks to Larry Grossman live from the Players Network Lifestyle stage …
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  • crockett616 5 years ago


  • TheMrmike121 5 years ago

    Video about poker pros and the first person I see is Jennifer
    Tilly…………….. Good interview though.

  • Sivakumaran Siva 5 years ago

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  • xxFeedYerHeadxx 5 years ago

    this is so true,

  • crockett616 5 years ago

    Such a great guy

  • marcakes23 5 years ago

    mike sucks

  • kidhardcore 5 years ago

    Mike is awesome

  • Carl Sullivan 5 years ago

    Seeing Mike Sexton doing so well in both his personal game AND his calling
    of poker is gratifying. Mike’s contribution to POKER internationally, to
    poker’s level-playing field and good tournament structures is legendary…
    This is one patient, intelligent,tough and gentlemanly poker player ! …He
    bridges the old-school AND the math-oriented new-school play exceptionally
    well .

  • dnapowersports 5 years ago

    Great interview – Who doesnt like Mike?

  • Carl Sullivan 5 years ago

    Mike’s analysis of the gentleperson’s FAIR ( though properly “tough ” )
    PLAY , compared to some terrible dealer abuse and fellow player player
    abuse of the “old-school” is excellent …! I am constantly impressed by
    the 20yr olds winning the WSOP , while showing respect for each other and
    dealers and their audience…

  • ilariagranata 5 years ago

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