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Use Bonus Code SixFigurePoker at Full Tilt Poker Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, …
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  • satyam mishra 5 years ago

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    bonus. this poker site will give you a real 8 dollars to start from here
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  • nategrier2003 5 years ago

    no its like yo got a pair of As but you bluffing like you got a flush. he
    call u and u win with As. u got the best hand but u was bluffing like u had
    something better.

  • smotpoker00 5 years ago

    “the best round table we have put together…..TODAY” HAHAHA he humiliated

  • Bryce Thomas 5 years ago

    No one hear sucks.Nor are you better then any of them. Thats why ur
    listening to their advice.

  • dyceast 5 years ago

    haha that guy next to the girl reminds me of nicolas cage

  • Neverletgorox 5 years ago

    i would cut off my feet to get w. annie duke. HOTTTTTT MILF!!!!

  • BELATUBE 5 years ago

    what he is saying is that you need to represent that you do have the best
    hand. when you have the best hand you dont need its not a bluff. so when
    you do bluff make sure your representing the best hand such as straights,

  • dh144498 5 years ago

    Phil Ivey should be in every tip video for poker.

  • polak4lyf 5 years ago

    haha yer

  • angrydrunkdwarf 5 years ago

    She aint pretty, but she looks like the kind of slut you’d pick up at a bar
    just for an easy bang.

  • snoopolion 5 years ago

    trust me you could even learn alot from phil gourdon

  • lowfatfishsticks 5 years ago

    needs scotty nguyen in this.

  • orey oreyI 5 years ago

    patrik antonius should have been in that group….lets not forget tom
    dwan..he is the king of bluffing

  • Stathis Iosifidis 5 years ago

    Bluffing is a art.

  • fliptthescript 5 years ago

    they are to broad about bluffing they need to explain how they bet to set
    up a bluff its like they don’t wanna give out there secrets waiste of time
    its so broad we know this crap already

  • sodafromyoda 5 years ago

    @4thandinches They’re given the opportunity to advertise for Full Tilt
    because they actually make money playing poker.

  • aj2001832000 5 years ago

    So basically, bluff but only sometimes, all the time and only if you had
    something big just before or if your oppoonent had something weak but while
    its not ok to fail at bluffing its ok to not care when you do. Hm…

  • 1skullduggery 5 years ago

    howard played the lead role in ‘slingblade’.

  • Doug Ha 5 years ago

    She weird

  • jeflash 5 years ago

    Annie duke is hot 😀

  • jonnyhatter35 5 years ago

    why is that bloody cunt rag annie duke on a poker panel?

  • fixdeluxe1 5 years ago

    Best to bluff when you have a moderately strengthened hand,lowers the
    chances of being absolutely mutilated when time comes to show hands.

  • niner831 5 years ago

    u see that breezy laugh. she got a big ass mouth. she can take two dicks at

  • highonbetter 5 years ago

    I’ve heard annie was the poker go around girl.wonder if this is true

  • Lekeeon 5 years ago

    annie duke SUCKS big time