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Want Paul to comment on your hand? Post it here: Paul Otto fires up 2 tables of NL400 Heads Up at the OnGame Poker Network. Co…

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  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    ALL NEW poker training videos out NOW. Register a FREE account over on 

  • perplexed76 4 years ago

    who the ship guy? does he coach?

  • j emblem 4 years ago

    i can barely see it

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    Most yes! Check out for more videos.

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    How dare you disagree with the one and only Internet! Just kidding, we all
    take different lines and Paul had a solid reason to go all in here.

  • Very nice video Paul. Is there any type of book/ course that explains how
    to beat lower stakes heads up cash? Like NL50 etc where you should be
    profitable if you do the basics well? I want to learn heads up cash but I’m
    a husng player and I’m not used to being 100bb deep, so I need a better
    grasp of the basics first.

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago


  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    Paul does indeed give personal lessons :) The new PokerVIP website will be
    launched shortly and you’ll be able to book a session from him there if you
    wish. In the mean time, please feel free to message us and we’ll sort it
    out for you.

  • Checkmaito 4 years ago

    Do you ever give personal lessons?

  • SinnimLeben 4 years ago

    crazy money flow 😀

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    Check out

  • fliptthescript 4 years ago

    why all there videos they run like god haha

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    More videos for lower stakes on Check them out!

  • This comment section is for players who want to improve and not for
    nobodies like you just calling people idiots. This guy plays a lot higher
    than NL400 too and is one of the best. You do not belong here dude and
    there is no place for you in poker. Please leave

  • ushuaia213 4 years ago

    are all your videos free?

  • John Mitri 4 years ago

    So weird.. the first 25 minutes of the video he sounds pretty smart.. and
    then you see him jam 88… the only jam of the match -.- I can’t tell if im
    just a bad player that doesn’t know how to critic, or that’s actually a
    really bad play.. is it really standard to call 320 for a pot with only
    480. he must think villian jams aj+ a good percentage of the time.. i don’t.

  • Rex J 4 years ago

    The graphs of regs at Microgaming anon tables for HU are pretty amazing

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    Paul is one of the biggest ever winners in euro site history at 400nl.
    Check out more of his videos over on

  • fliptthescript 4 years ago

    your to dam slow geez

  • shamassive 4 years ago

    Only one player wins in HU, the site.

  • PokerVIP 4 years ago

    It’s a standard call versus this loose aggressive opponent after we 4Bet –
    There’s $480 in the pot and it’s $320 to call.It’s standard to call after
    he jams, although it’s not standard to 4Bet 88 here for value and you
    definitely shouldn’t be 4Betting pre-flop here for value.

  • Nick Cannavino 4 years ago

    paul on a normal day of grinding what stakes and how many tables do you

  • Sh4ft07 4 years ago

    yeah i think it was a misstake to stack off with 88 in that spot

  • Rex J 4 years ago

    I really don’t understand not using a HUD. I’m sure it can give you at
    least a slight advantage in knowing whether or not he’s bluffing among a
    few other things.

  • lionel123ification 4 years ago

    why do you stack off with 88 here when he jams? is that a standard play?
    seems a little loose vs this particular opponent! But im learning HU, so
    just wondering why you made that call, thanks