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  • JVonDutch 5 years ago

    folding 55 to a dealerbutton bet LMAOOO

  • JJ Suss. 5 years ago

    inudge a bet. Good shit bud

  • s23ryf 5 years ago

    don’t take me wrong but what you’re saying is total bullsh.t. Do you want
    to convince us all to play only with AA and KK??

  • Adam Brake 5 years ago

    Playing a vary smart changing game… cant let any one know what your going
    to do…

  • Ragnabyte 5 years ago

    I’d like to comment on the 55 situation. I’m currently experimenting with
    calling preflop because I’m specifically hoping for a generally low flop,
    so that the other player likely doesn’t hit anything.

    What do you think about this? Is 55 still a bit low? (in case they got a
    pocket pair on their hand). Generally speaking, what do you feel about
    plays where you aim for a low flop?

  • Andrew Roach 5 years ago

    hey guys, do you think having an HUD at 2NL (which is what i am working on
    right now.. ya ya i know its low :P) is recommended?

  • Tom Chak 5 years ago

    3bet with kk is a standard play!!. Try giving example with some marginal

    Folding AQ on the button against a 3bet fish? I don’t think that’s a
    profitable play!!

  • adaption27 5 years ago

    Little Nemo watched the 1st 60 secs of this video and decided to file a
    suit over the abusive language!!!!

  • SkaterVinceyy 5 years ago

    he sounds fat…

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago


  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Awesome! Glad we are helping

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Your right! Sorry about that. Check out our new videos over on Everything explained!!!

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    For a wider view on players check out our new and improved video section
    over on

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Thanks! Glad it helped. For more videos check out

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    How did you know?

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Keep this player dependent! Also don’t try to make fish fold as it won’t
    happen alot of the time. Put more effort into getting value for your hands
    vs them.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    sorry to hear that! check out other new to the game videos over on

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Thanks! More videos over on

  • msd123 5 years ago

    Fold AQ on the button to a 3b from a fish?…Ok.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Want to play against some fish? Add me on skype for bonuses jon_pokervip.
    Also check out for new coaching videos :)

  • Ragnabyte 5 years ago

    I’ve been somewhat fishy in the beginning and been learning how not to. It
    sure is fun to just play too, but in most cases, fish don’t get better. So
    assume that they stay a fish for a certain period of time. But you should
    definitely keep track of dates when you read someone.

  • rexrez4973 5 years ago

    Jive analysts. Meet me@ commerce & you’re the fish bub.

  • Professor Sage 5 years ago

    Having played and talked poker with SplitSuit for nearly ten years, I can
    vouch that he’s a highly qualified player and coach.

  • dynocompe 5 years ago

    your mom is hot

  • John Griller 5 years ago

    I hate when I have a “FISH” dominated and then I get unlucky on the Turn or
    River smh!!! Makes me wanna stop playing poker