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Poker pro Lex Veldhuis discusses some of the considerations involved when deciding when and how to bluff an opponent.
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  • valdez87 5 years ago

    2:30 – he’s talking about this hand (and hands like it):
    /watch?v=tXoab21TEH8 The difference between just a bluff and a great bluff
    is understanding how to bluff in those board development spots. It’s
    amazing hearing Lex talk about that kind of depth of thinking in an
    interview :) I like! Usually the pros are very vague and cliched in their

  • Emmanuel Xenakis 5 years ago

    Good stuff

  • Tyler Harper 5 years ago

    God invented poker so you could bluff

  • SHELFSIDEYID1882 5 years ago

    Lol @ 0:33 i was like Dafuq ?! I thought they were doing the interview
    standing up and some huge ass dude walked past

  • Bollehenk1337 5 years ago


  • joe smith 5 years ago

    I’d say she demonstrates good communication skills over poker insight in
    this video.

  • Randy1337 5 years ago

    @tlealiiee hahahahaha lol for some reason your comment cracked me up 😀

  • Julio Bustos 5 years ago

    @Randy1337 because it doesn’t make any sense lol he was drunk typping

  • MMAh0lligan 5 years ago

    he spoke but said nothing really deep. feels like these pros interviews are
    made up.

  • Tuber Youb 5 years ago

    so next time i say hello 2 every body on my table and introd. myself ;p and
    pwnd this nobhead

  • silvad314 5 years ago

    very good interview, good questions unlike “what do you think is the
    strongest part of your game”

  • mastakur 5 years ago

    YEAH ‘but still… “hard question”no girl is a stupid question

  • MCFoultier 5 years ago

    i play with him pretty reguraly when he mass multitables 2/4 plo. actually
    he is pretty tight.

  • survivingthehorizon9 5 years ago

    Not so odd if he did, indeed, make the straight. It would be pretty
    standard – imo. Its, the turn bet followed by river bet- not the bet size
    thats important. A line that makes no sense. Source – Lex in this video
    describing exactly that.

  • mileycyrusfan197 5 years ago

    lex is bilingual??

  • survivingthehorizon9 5 years ago

    That scenario he talks about. Betting a high card on the turn, and then
    betting the river when a 4 card straight comes out is the EXACT thing that
    happened when he hero called Doyle Brunson’s 60k river bet on HSP with 2

  • xxyanlixx 5 years ago

    lex’s bluffs only work on tight amateurs.. watch him on HSP he doesn’t
    stand a chance..

  • Rattenhoofd 5 years ago

    No, but the Dutch are generally known for speaking good English, and Lex
    has spent a lot of time on the internet aswell. I do believe he also lives
    in New York for a big part of the year, so I guess that explains it.

  • tlealiiee 5 years ago

    this video b,uffing game thought id give it a go took everything he said
    incosideration and did pretti well!…i like it!…ima go again…U DA MAN
    LEX LUGER!…das ur new name

  • Alex Padilla 5 years ago

    I thought this bitch worked for pokernews.

  • Firsts Lasttbert 5 years ago

    notice he says keep CLICKING call at the last part of the interview. Ya
    think he plays much online LOL……one of the best in the game.

  • Randy1337 5 years ago

    @julesickdrums yeah but it`s awesome 😀

  • Raluuf 5 years ago

    Lex is from the netherlands, but his english is realy good

  • tstumpf75 5 years ago

    doyle called attention to his bluff with an irregular large bet. that bet
    even seemed very out of place to me when he made it. veldhuis made a great

  • stefan smith 5 years ago

    Are u bluffing sir? Self high five