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Poker Strategy - Q&A with Daniel Negreanu - How do you put players on specific hands

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  • Pazma 5 years ago

    See, that’s what I love about Daniel Negreanu, he’s not a big ego player.
    He’s not like Hellmuth. a big child who can’t handle a bad beat or a worse
    player drawing out on him. Negreanu has some class.

  • helena dealis 5 years ago

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  • dieselboy87 5 years ago

    @sukiyakification it took me about 3 years before i found myself starting
    to be able to get a decent read on what people are holding before they
    show. its just kind of a sixth sense which you develop after playing
    thousands and thousands of hands. and of course even now after 5 years of
    play there are times when i get the read utterly wrong. but thats poker.

  • magze 5 years ago

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  • SuperSecundos 5 years ago

    @robinziphood You should in most cases play kings, not always. But you need
    also be able to fold kings if its an draw intensive board or if you are
    pretty sure your oponement(s) have the beter hand.

  • Tp Edge 5 years ago


  • RustyGrimeUk 5 years ago

    @applesauceman oh shut up u dumass , u got a little bit of attention now
    f**k off

  • Jimmy Tu 5 years ago

    Daniel when you called, it means that you think you had the best hand and
    you went with your read. Doesn’t matter if you put him on that hand…

  • kungfuseadog 5 years ago

    lol at the kenny tran impersonation.

  • XXX4THELUVOFITXXX 5 years ago

    @oOkpd625Oo sounds like you played it right to me,had you reraised her on
    the flop she prolly would of folded…i would of flat called her down to
    the river and then raised her half of what ever she had ,if i thought going
    allin would make her fold

  • robinziphood 5 years ago

    @Randy1337 always play kings dude.. what so ever.. it’s the second greatest
    starting hand in poker : )

  • TheGlaabu 5 years ago

    Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker player. Sure he is idol to many
    many peoples.

  • RustyGrimeUk 5 years ago

    @applesauceman daniel Negreanu is 2nd in the world of the top 100 players
    ,phil ivey is first,get ur facts right.

  • Randy1337 5 years ago

    once i raised with kings and someone reraised so i assumed he has aces and
    folded my pocket kings.

  • Anticrombie918 5 years ago

    if anyone could give me an answer, it would be appreciated: I had pocket
    10’s. blinds: 25-50. i raise to 2 bucks. another kid raises to 7. i was
    ready to call that, but then someone shoves all in, which was about 40
    bucks (pre-flop). mind you i had bought in for 25. i folded that. was that
    a bad fold? didn’t really feel like riding my whole buy in on pocket 10’s.
    thought he had aces or king. apparently he had ace king (they played it out
    to see, he didn’t hit). i also know he’s a tight player.

  • Idan Shnall 5 years ago

    These are great tips…you should all check out Poker Wit…you’ll love it

  • 8to1fav 5 years ago

    Let me get this str, (no pun intended) u had pocket Aces and flopped Quad
    Aces? So you checked to someone and she was betting? Well If ur opponent is
    bettin into u when u flop quads, I would say this is a good thing, so I
    would say just let them hang themselves and raise it on the river =)

  • rideclutch 5 years ago

    @Anticrombie918 Nice fold. It’s one of those times where you’re going to be
    a marginal favorite at best,(AK, AQ) or a massive underdog (Aces, Kings
    etc.) If the guy behind you had called as well, you may as well have kissed
    the money good bye. Based on your read as well, it’s a fold. Short stacked
    in a tourney? Sure, gotta take a risk. Cash game? Nah, you can find a
    better spot. Good luck 😉

  • haicugolu 5 years ago

    @lllshokoboylll he played the hand with A 9 against F Deeb. . the K 9 u are
    talking about was another hand

  • ojideagu . 5 years ago

    @dieselboy87 It’s not a sixth sense, you do it by logical deduction, and
    you never ever try and pin point an exact hand

  • Randy1337 5 years ago

    i like how he says pocket sixes 😀

  • Dana Ayers 5 years ago

    I had a dream that I was in the WSOP with Daniel last night and he yelled
    at me and made me cry.

  • Nate Morrison 5 years ago

    correction… if he thought he had the BEST hand, he wouldve raised..

  • ziadkolani 5 years ago

    Dniel i respect u u are the best but poker is full of luck 90% u lose it
    the champion old stupid man 😀

  • RustyGrimeUk 5 years ago

    @applesauceman UR WEIRD