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Poker Strategy - Ryan Riess : The Bonus Cut | On Day 1 of the PCA 2014 Super High Roller tournament, World Champion Ryan @RyanRiess1 Riess played a perfect hand against Bryn Kenney …
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  • maca12345678 4 years ago

    so bad. he even admits that only a better hand calls his raise.

  • Efrain Sagastume 4 years ago

    I’m really loving these vids! Trying to become at least a decent poker
    player and right now I’m barely formidable so please keep posting! I need

  • David Matta 4 years ago

    This hand looks nice. Well played.

  • Georgi Vasilev Bimbo 4 years ago

    Ryan Riess is one of my fav players! I am really trying hard be a better
    player and your videos help a lot. Subscribing!

  • Lane D 4 years ago

    I love watching this videos! Please keep making more.

  • Hunter Levy 4 years ago

    Sick hand, extremely well played by Ryan.

  • a berg 4 years ago

    lol its funny cuz he’s reading everything he says. “pro”

  • MrPepsiFish 4 years ago

    “Best in the word” lmfao

  • aun lee 4 years ago

    The kenny make a mistake on turn..he check his card too obvious …

  • AugmentedGames 4 years ago

    he would call a raise on the turn with an overpair OR a flush and he would
    obv bet the river with a flush, so that checkraise on the turn has no
    purpose whatsoever except blowing up the pot out of position and “getting
    to know where you’re at”