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Playing pocket pairs properly is very important to winning at poker, especially six-max cash games online.’s expert poker strategy writer Dan Skolovy is here to show you…
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  • Arturas Dauksevic 4 years ago

    That set gameplay was bad you rised badly insted of wbet or even check to

  • LucidLJ 4 years ago

    Also in the hand with 99 is there an arguement to fold with the squueze you
    are in middle position between the 2 other players and only getting 2:1 on
    a call. Im guessing you had info on these players to make the call. Even
    though you are fairly deeep like 150-200bb does it mean you should be
    calling 3 bets even with 99 because as you said you will hit a flop set
    like 12 percent of time miss 88 percent and then also there is a 2/3 chance
    over cards to your 99 will happen on flop. Also the pot was 95 you bet 55
    would you not go for a pinch larger like 65-70 range to try and maximise
    value? I know the guy folds which is annoying but you want to try and get
    as much value as possible if he had like AQ or possible AA or KK then
    betting larger he would at least call one street.

  • Jose Hinostroza Vasquez 4 years ago

    I’d like to watch some videos when we get in tough spots, like 2 callers
    with 88 con a J34 board. Also that 99 hand is easy fold.

  • LucidLJ 4 years ago

    In the hand where the the guy opens to 4 dollars you have pocket 55, you
    don’t always call in this spot unless you have decent info on players plus
    stacks are deep enough? Are you getting decent odds to call if they are a
    lose player or bad odds to call if they are a tight player. Plus do you not
    have to take into consideration the types of players that are still left to
    act behind?

  • Tha Don Edd 4 years ago

    Yeah really you play really poor this..cmon you set a nines on a board like
    this an bet? why haha

  • AugmentedGames 4 years ago

    why dont you jaust raise less with a set ? you played that set like a donk

  • nebu voice 4 years ago

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  • herrorarra 4 years ago

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  • MacBubbles 4 years ago

    Great video…

  • PokerChampCoaching 4 years ago

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  • unitaper 4 years ago

    way too aggresive with sets

  • herrorarra 4 years ago

    ur gay

  • S3xybek 4 years ago

    so are your ancestors.

  • herrorarra 4 years ago

    what this doesn’t coach is you flop top set, get them commited and you get
    joked out on the river and lose to a FH.

  • S3xybek 4 years ago

    Stupid stupid comment.

  • Tom Smith 4 years ago

    The preflop raiser was in the blinds. He already checked the flop. Bet is a
    good move…he just bet too much.

  • abdi1983 4 years ago

    Should of checked when the set of 9’s hit raiser would of carried on raising

  • tommyXBOX360 4 years ago

    I am not a pro. But when he played the set with 55, after villain donks the
    turn small I sounds like he test-betting (which is ridicilous as he turns
    his hand face up, that’s why he is most likely a fish btw) with at best
    KQ,KJ or and underpair like JJ. Against this mediocre range, why raise so
    big. I would make it as small as possible, while still setting stacks for a
    normal sized river shove. That way he might be more inclined to call and we
    might suck him in on the river.

  • S3xybek 4 years ago

    Wanna do it?

  • SilentSputnik 4 years ago

    Too aggressive when you get the set, I think.

  • Terien 4 years ago

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  • Viraj Ananth 4 years ago

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