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Google Tech Talks November, 29 2007 Want to learn about how Texas Hold’Em can be more than just a game? Come hear Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson…

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  • Ria Dunmead 5 years ago

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    extra once you down payment the first time.

  • lankeled38 5 years ago

    Can someone who thinks they figured out the riddle post the results?
    Charlie Nesson rocks!

  • MmaSmarty87 5 years ago

    I have done this a few the tabIe there was a huge pot brewin
    4handed (incIuding myseIf) I had Iike a 52suited and instead of instantIy
    mucking i came to the concIusion/gut-feeIing that thy’re aII sharin their
    cards..after aII the prefIop bettin I was right..there was some KQ, QJ AK
    AJ hands out there and I won the pot with 2 pair..

  • theory816 5 years ago

    guns dont kill people, people kill people. but u make it easier for them to
    kill people. :p

  • shadyjae 5 years ago

    He said the riddle wrong.

  • 2lasiiJAkuppi 5 years ago

    I wish i could listen to smart ppl talk all day long and ask them questions
    about their philosophies :) Damn im gonna start looking up where i can go
    listen to ppl giving lectures about stuff i find interesting. Its fun to
    watch them online but i cant ask about stuff and its not the same if you
    send an e-mail as it is when you ask a person a question face to face. Then
    again the e-mail thing is not dumb if you think about where i live and
    where most interesting global entrepreneurs are.

  • StarsShooter 5 years ago

    I believe that This is the perfect intro to promote poker as a sport. When
    you compare some Olympic Sports to a poker,they have so much incomon that
    there is no reason for poker not to be promoted as a sport. Do the
    homework: compare following sports to a poker and you will see many things
    incomon: Archery ,Auto racing ,Boardsports ,Fishing and so many more. Might
    sound bit silly to you but when you think logicaly it does makes sence.

  • tom32114tom 5 years ago

    while loving poker on TV, I sometimes wonder if/when many younger players
    seem to play whatever dealt, eg 3.4, they conclude that they then eliminate
    high card holding opponents who only play with strong hands thereby
    increasing their own odds of the lay down holding less high value cards.
    What do you think?

  • justin ross 5 years ago


  • xentan 5 years ago

    To clarify: By in no way it is being guaranteed, i mean that there is in no
    way implied that you will learn anything for playing poker. You may, if you
    want to.

  • zack prager 5 years ago

    Here’s why she figured it out…if the girl who answered had a white hat
    on, then one of the other girls would be able to answer the question
    immediately. Here’s why: if the girl who answered it correctly was wearing
    a white hat, one of the others girls would see a red hat, a white hat, and
    2 hands up. From that information, it would be easy to deduce that your hat
    was red instead of white.

  • peterhill2008 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed watching this video. The speech of Professor Nesson and
    Andrew Woods were not only humorous, but also interesting and educational.
    I highly recommand it.

  • pokerpro1078 5 years ago

    99 percent of degenerate gamblers are not poker players thats a fact so
    learn your facts

  • terryhi 5 years ago

    gambling doesn’t ruin lives, people ruin lives.

  • Account3of7 5 years ago

    instead of Bloch, Duke and Lederer, get some more feel oriented players
    next time like Matusow,Ivey, Dwan or Negreanu! Or at least hire players
    that excel at mathematic poker playing like Cunningham, Galfond, Ferguson
    etc. These are the ones you can learn the most from these days…

  • zack prager 5 years ago

    The girl that got it right realized that since on one had an answer after
    15 seconds , that this wasn’t the case and her hat must be red.

  • HerbertNicholas 5 years ago


  • allspeechiswelcome 5 years ago

    She guessed. There’s just not enough information to deduce the correct
    outcome. The best the poor girl can do is guess. This time she got it
    right. Way to go girl with the silly red hat…you’re a princess now. This
    sure beats having to kiss a pond full of frogs. Something is wrong at this
    video because there are so many comments removed and flagged.

  • IPAWNMYQUEENS 5 years ago

    nesson rocks

  • Metlahaed 5 years ago

    wow, i figured the white hat red hat thing as it was being said, and im 19
    are people really that retarded? bad video i wasted a lot of my time.

  • xentan 5 years ago

    Poker for free, in my oppinion, can not teach you as much as poker for
    _your_ money. Because there is no risk involved in the loss. I believe that
    it is this risk that helps us and tries to keep us from making mistakes at
    a poker table. There are other factors aswell, but risk in loss of money
    brings poker to a state of being serious. And it is in no way Guaranteed.
    Believe me! Thats why good players win money in the long run 😉

  • 1ToNJaB 5 years ago

    Ive learned alot about poker by watching this. Ive been obsessed with this
    game for about 16 months. The more I learn, the more I learn about myself
    and the society in general, thru internet poker and live play. I would say
    I am a little better than a break even player, in over 100,000 (cash)poker
    hands. I have learned a LOT about the mathmatics of poker thru internet,
    but nothing beats LIVE play. Live play will teach you a lot about yourself
    and the people you interact with in your life.

  • Clementine3148 5 years ago

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  • rizlas2 5 years ago

    18:14 xD hahahahahahhaah

  • Christofer Olsson 5 years ago

    Congrats on the most retarded youtube comment ever.