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Poker Basics


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  • x6twink9x 5 years ago

    *strength. he mentions it later in the video near the end as well

  • VINCENTTV 5 years ago

    Splash them chips

  • MrKydaman 5 years ago

    nah cuz thats only one level above basic the pros play many levels above
    that you know the whole I know that he knows that I know he knows I know
    kinda thing lol

  • Not Who I 5 years ago

    I hate the sound of garbage chips splashing the pot…

  • Dreckiger Dan 5 years ago

    Shane MORONsy?

  • ssirotubess 5 years ago

    what bullshit website u trying to sell us u fishy ass carrot!!

  • ashepe 5 years ago

    I have never experienced it – at a casino – but it’s is irritating at home
    games :)

  • DragonChamp007 5 years ago

    Show me evidence that I’m wrong

  • Don Man 5 years ago

    this cool video

  • GhostInTheShell29 5 years ago

    Is the player your playing smart enough to give off false tells? When I
    read a player his general strategy, and opening range are first things I
    look for, but I also look for skill level. Conquering tells takes time,
    effort and some serious work. So the fish at the table there to have a good
    time has not mastered his tells. The sharks, or attempting to be sharks at
    the table may have. I recommend relying more on personal tells, then
    universal ones though.

  • Cam6990 5 years ago


  • inyourgenes 5 years ago

    Poker tell #1: hand shaking as they reach for their chips before the first

  • JayDee SV 5 years ago

    that’s not poker..u need 5 community cards

  • Deadganon 5 years ago

    thats why these are a tells against amatuers, not against pros or ppl who
    play mind games. Some pros might have these tells but u would have to watch
    them for awhile to make sure they arent trying to pull one over you or if
    its a actual tell against them.

  • Sukhwa Young 5 years ago

    hahahaha kgb ftw

  • mkm zazazo 5 years ago

    Good tips for a beginner thx

  • electrostatic1 5 years ago

    So what you are saying is don’t count your chips, re-check your hole cards,
    and splash the pot when you have the nuts. And hope whoever your playing
    against is looking for it.

  • Cameron Avett 5 years ago

    its a quote from the movie – rounders

  • Doonie602 5 years ago

    nice vid, gonna remember these

  • oby100 5 years ago

    These tells are too general. Everyone has different tells. What you need to
    do is sit back for the first few hands and learn each player’s tells.
    Particularly with splashing a pot, different players will do this with
    different hands.

  • LastSasquatch 5 years ago

    this one i never understood is when your opponent looks at their hole
    cards. Ok so you know they forgot there cards, what does that even tell
    you? Basically just that they didn’t have a large pocket pair, otherwise
    they can be checking to see if they have straight outs, flush outs, pairs,
    how many overcards there are to their pocket pair, any number of things

  • DragonChamp007 5 years ago

    just cause you cant see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist

  • politcs S 5 years ago

    duno y so many dislikes was a decent video

  • funnywhiteroots 5 years ago


  • wildncrazyguy21 5 years ago

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! I’m going to your website and signing up now! I
    dont care how much it costs! (PS – Seriously dude, try reading a poker book
    or watching a video by a pro before making them)