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Aaron & Josh try to take down Becka’s new boyfriend… (Guest Starring Mr. SARK!!!) CLICK HERE to play online poker: ○▻ JOIN US:…


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  • Mr Sark 4 years ago

    I’m so pro at poker. My favorite hand is the ‘straight house’. And my
    favorite card is the ‘J’ card. I’m so pro at poker.

  • KaOs Awake 4 years ago

    Great episode, cant wait to see more, its cool to see Erin playing on the
    better console, now people are going to reply to this saying im a prick

  • BORDERLANDSv2 4 years ago

    YaY the old Aaron is back. i love all the comebacks he said to the guys in
    the video. :)

  • Untouchable Ghost 4 years ago

    This is my favorite season. It’s written so well and Aaron is playing on
    the best console

  • xXCandyGirlXx 4 years ago

    So we pretty much have to wait 1 week every time to see one 6 or 7 min
    episode -_- FUCK that. They should make each episode 20 or 30 min long
    thumbs up if you agree. 

  • GamerCheatsForAll 4 years ago

    ONLINE | The Poker Gamer

  • Eoinster 4 years ago

    I’d love to see what Aron thinks of PC

  • SUBIE_CUHH 4 years ago

    i thought online gamer was about games not fucking poker

  • why are all the females in online gamer fat?

  • TheDlonJamesPetty 4 years ago

    All you xbox one fanboys. Ps4 has sold more systems than the Xbox one. So
    that pretty much says PlayStation is better. 

  • kevin12abcde 4 years ago

    Hey Reckless, I have a question, just a random one, if you would’ve
    received over 300k in the Kickstarter, would you have kept making online
    gamer episodes, or make a new series ?

  • Tyler Grenko 4 years ago

    I’m so excited this season is awesome I love how it’s the old aaron and I
    also love the to be continued episodes I really hope you guys make a bunch
    of episodes

  • MOMO Bond 4 years ago

    I thought Aaron hated play station, yet he’s playing on PS4?

  • Reckless Tortuga 4 years ago

    NEW ONLINE GAMER! Season 3 Episode THREE!!!

  • Action1760 4 years ago

    suck my big black cock u cocksuckers take all my cash and make 6 min vids
    what is wrong with u ?

  • ron batura 4 years ago

    I still can;t tell if this was scripted or not, this is fucking awesome

  • viviones 4 years ago

    I like how all the people who complain about kickstarter money never paid a

  • Sgt Chemo 4 years ago

    Why do they keep wanting to make me play poker!!! All I want are
    quads!!!and I’m a good scout I hunt little noobs all night but in the
    morning it’s all pro cause you’ll need therapy after I’m done with you.

  • Angelo G 4 years ago

    I’m confused….so we gave you all the money for the Kickstarter AND you’re
    shoving your sponsor “Pokerstars” down our throats by literally
    incorporating it into the damn story and we still can’t get longer
    episodes? This series has lost all my respect. Can’t even trust the
    writing/storyline anymore because you guys will do anything to it as long
    as the price is right.

  • Greg D 4 years ago

    When sark is the normal one in the room…

  • maoribrotha53 4 years ago

    Hey it’s sark. Haven’t seen him in a while……. 

  • Ashton drake 4 years ago

    Well maybe the Eric really likes the PS4 instead of the Xbox One outside of
    online gamer so maybe that’s why he is using the PS4. Well what not to love
    about the PS4 it’s great.

  • Youhei Sunohara 4 years ago

    Awww becca was looking out for aaron so cute :3

  • Oedelin Jean 4 years ago

    why is she covering her ass with that shirt at her waist?

  • vTurtle xo 4 years ago

    This has been such a disappointment this far. Make dis longer! If your
    going to give us shit. Bring back the clan.