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  • Andrius aK 4 years ago

    When she said she brought in 12k :) my face was like :O …. Lol!

  • 37rainman 4 years ago

    Theres a scam a minute on u tube.

    It is hard to make an honest dollar nowadays!

  • jakesweet1000 4 years ago

    a pair of 2s is playable because it can make 3 of a kind… if anyone one
    else gets 3 of a kinds your going broke.

  • Daniel G 4 years ago

    this is fkn horse shit

  • sebre31 4 years ago

    check my video on how i won 121332325787656 $ in 26 seconds.

  • Linda9341 4 years ago
  • H2P73 4 years ago

    HAHAH this video is a joke. It is saying they made a average persons yearly
    salary in under 20 minutes, however fail to mention that the player started
    with 12k from their bankroll. How about making a video starting with $50
    and making $32k in 20 minutes? Plus people with bankrolls that high will
    already know this basic shit and be professional. The tips it gives are
    helpful however, the 32k bit is a trick. 

  • David Brannon 4 years ago

    Yeah I give you a tip don’t play online poker play in the casinos why is
    that the five cent Tencent games online are tougher than the 2$5$ games at
    the casino I’ll tell you why because its rigged

  • Jonas Larsen 4 years ago

    how nice that your proud of winning a mans yearly salary 

  • Mallderiss 4 years ago

    And if you go full pro with this system, playing 8 hours a day for 5 days a
    week your yearly salary will be bigger than yearly worldwide military
    budget. (almost 2x) And thats not all, if you order now for extra $2.99 we
    trow up a poker bot who would do everything for you!

  • Kiccha kishor 4 years ago

    For people who want to get money on the internet, but are scared of getting
    started, Copy And paste into Google Morsch Money Secret and take the first

  • TheInkinJapan 4 years ago

    Nothing exciting happening here.
    Simply high stakes.
    I am sure he has lost $30000 in 20 minutes several times.

  • foshizzle manizzle 4 years ago

    yes 12K for cashgame def everybody has

  • leang kang 4 years ago

    what ever noob!!

  • Салим Исмаилов 4 years ago

    hi. [plz help me. i wanna play poker held’em with real money. i have tryed
    to play with programm of pokerstars. but there is not cashout buttom. which
    programm of online-poker should i need to download to play with real

  • budweiser4 4 years ago

    hahahahahahahh what a joke, might work for attracting fishes though

  • christyabb27 4 years ago

    I’m a banker and I can tell you that I have to work my ass off to make the
    kind of money talked about in Cashinpoker. My blessing and full support to
    anyone who is brave enough to go against the system that tries to suck our
    soul for very little rewards. God save poker!

  • Rob Akery 4 years ago

    Your suggestion is also very good, and both your line and my line are valid
    options. However, in this particular situation, against this specific
    opponent, I believe that my move was slightly more optimal. Let me explain:
    Although my stack size is not ideal for me to call the reraise, it is also
    not ideal for me to 4 bet – If I 4 bet small I almost commit myself to call
    the all-in, and he was the type of opponent that could go all in very
    light, e.g. with a weak hand such as a small pair or TJ.

  • Al Dous 4 years ago

    Stupid video

  • Gold Day 4 years ago


  • Lang7 4 years ago

    This is some ABC bullshit. Winning $37k at a $200/$400 game? Please. This
    is so far from impressive it’s unreal. Also, your call with A7s when you
    get 3bet is terrible.

  • hawkfish88 4 years ago

    What a load of shit

  • ciaran mccormick 4 years ago

    jack king off suit, or jacking off

  • dansal2002 4 years ago

    nice and fake

  • jackson2581001 4 years ago

    I can get rich whilst wearing my pyjamas? That’s what I call living the