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Poker Tips - Texas Holdem Poker Part 2

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Texas Hold'em


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  • Grimm202 4 years ago

    Nice action game here! Great job A+

  • ryan james 4 years ago

    can you only check in the first round of betting?

  • skatecam21 4 years ago

    im pretty good at poker now, thanks

  • thisisgame 4 years ago

    very informative video, thanks!

  • Gurglemouthwash 4 years ago

    How much are the different chips worth?

  • moocow374 4 years ago


  • iceblock3 4 years ago

    yes thanks helped alot

  • Miller N.B 4 years ago

    you check after the flop if your first to act or else everbody before you
    also checks. and if your in big blind you can check preflop

  • johnsmith7490 4 years ago

    Man these rigged sites should be banned!!

  • pirotexnik1 4 years ago

    very good call with A hight !

  • SuperChuck3 4 years ago

    Just a little thing. Royal Flush isn’t an “acutal” hand, it’s just the nut
    straight flush like the Ace high flush or the Ace high straight.

  • salesman408 4 years ago

    mike sexton is the best but fuck all of these calling stations ha

  • VinzorBE 4 years ago

    you go george!

  • HolmeHansen 4 years ago

    no, all the rounds

  • skittlesmash 4 years ago

    no she would have had to have to bet at least 8 to raise, technically $9
    because if she bet only $8 it would have just been a call.

  • Steve61777 4 years ago

    i like how this guy explains, very good video thanks!

  • Kibate 4 years ago

    fine explanation however not very amateur friendly i would say. Instead of
    just talking about the possible options he should also point out the
    forbidden or what i may call them “stupid” moves. For example, a friend
    sometimes fold a card even though no one raised before. In other words he
    could have just as well checked. I know that is very dump and any smart
    person would know better, but amateurs don’t do that because they are
    stupid, but because they still can’t comprehend the game flow

  • Codester145 4 years ago

    How does the game end? o_O

  • ihaveawesomevids 4 years ago

    what exactly is a “high card?” does it just mean that you have a high value

  • Boss 351 Mustang 4 years ago

    This is great, as a beginner at poker (started a week ago) this is a great
    help. Thanks again.

  • WishYouWereHere75 4 years ago

    a straight is 5 cards – you could have 9, 10, J, Q, K or 10, J, Q, K, A in
    a straight including the jack, queen and king. The order of winning hands,
    from best hand to worst, is as follows: 1. Royal Flush 2. Straight Flush 3.
    Four Of A Kind (Quads) 4. Full House 5. Flush 6. Straight 7. Three Of A
    Kind (Trips or a set) 8. 2 Pairs 9. 1 Pair 10. High Card Hope this helps :)

  • Jordan LaPrath 4 years ago

    exactly what Sanjikun87 said… Rename the video to poker rules rather than

  • Chris Leeman 4 years ago

    Boring for anyone who already understands holdem rules, but a godsend for
    anyone who doesn’t! Most video tutorials leave out some of the more
    ‘obvious’ stuff, but this guy reiterates every step, which is a huge help.

  • germaphobewombat 4 years ago

    they made steve look dumb he splashed the pot and calls the river with ace

  • Damianbambambosiacki 4 years ago

    @rtjtjtrjr Yea im trying to figure this out also